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1. Functional And Structural Characterization Of Apidaecin And Its N-terminal And C-terminal Fragments And Extracellular Production Of Apidaecin In Lactococcus Lactis
2. Establishment Of The Hyaluronic Acid Synthesis Pathway In Lactococcus Lactis And Study On The Molecular Weight Regulating Mechanism Of Hyaluronic Acid Synthesized In Microbes
3. Exploring The Functions Of New Genes Related To Nisin Resistance Regulation
4. Potential Mucosal Delivery System: Construction Of Recombinant Lactic Acid Bacteria
5. Human Beta-interferon And Escherichia Coli O157: H7, Surface Antigens Espa Food-grade Lactococcus Lactis Inducible Expression System For Expression And Immune Activity Analysis,
6. Pro-Nisin Structure Gene Cloning And Expressing In Lactococcus Lactis NZ9800
7. Expression Of The Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Gene In Lactococcus Lactis And Construction Of Chromosome Integrated Plasmid Of Bifidobacteria
8. Polyphasic Taxonomy Methods For Identification Of Milk Derived Coccus Strains
9. Investigation On The Surface Display System Of Lactococcus Lactis For Expressing The Antigen Fragment Of UreB Gene Of Helicobacter Pylori
10. Cloning Of GalU Gene From E.Coli Into Lactococcus Lactis And The Impact On The Exopolysaccharide Production
11. Cloning Of β-1,3-1,4 Glucanase Gene From Bacillus Licheniformis And Its Expression In Lactococcus Lactis
12. Establishment And Characterization Of Bacterial Cell Surface Display Systems Using AcmA Of Lactococcus Lactis As The Anchoring Motif
13. Study On The Respiration Of Lactococcus Lactis
14. Cloning Of Cyclopropane Fatty Acid Synthase Gene From Lactococcus Lactis And Expression In Escherichia Coli
15. Secrete-Expression Of Antimicrobial Peptide Bactenecin7 In Lactococcus Lactis And The Construction Of Its Homologous Recombination Vector
16. Construction And Characterization Of Food-grade Cell Surface Display System In Lactococcus Lactis
17. Display Of Mn-SOD On The Cell Surface Of Lactococcus Lactis Using Full-length And Truncated AcmA As The Carrier
18. Research Of Electroporation Processing Of Lactobacilli Delbrueckii Subsp. Bulgaricus And Lactococcus Lactis With The Vector PMG36e
19. Research On E.coli Adhesion Gene FaeG Expressed On The Surface Of L.lactis
20. Study On The Function Of The 29th Serine Of Nisin
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