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1. Research On The Physiological-Ecological Mechanism Of Salt-alkaline Tolerance In Kochia Sieversiana
2. Physiological Responses Of Antioxidant Enzyme System To Alkali-saline Mixed Stress In The Seedlings Of Kochia Sieversiana
3. Effects Of Salt-alkaline Mixed Stresses On Growth Of Kochia Sieversiana And Statistical Analysis
4. Solute Accumulation And Ion Balance Traits In Shoots Of An Alkali-tolerant Halophyte Kochia Sieversiana Under Salt-alkaline Mixed Stress
5. The Effects Of Four Salt Stresses On The Solute Accumulation In The Shoots Of An Alkali-resistant Hapophyte K.sieversiana
6. Stress Comparison Among Four Main Salts In Salt-alkalized Soil On Kochia Sieversiana
7. Physiological Responses Of Kochia Sieversiana And Effects Of Root On Rhizosphere Environment During Adaptation To Mixed Salt-alkaline Stress
8. Physiological Mechanism Of Salt-Alkaline Tolerance In Kochia Sieversiana
9. Allelopathy Of The Aqueous Extracts Of Kochia Sieversiana On Itselves And Other Plants
10. Pysiological And Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Salt Tolerance In Halophyte Kochia Sieversiana
11. Comparison Of Physiological Characteristics Of Salt And Alkali Tolerance In Kochia Sieversiana And Lycopersicon Esculentum
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