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1. Cloning And Functional Prediction Of Ant Gene And Vha16 Gene From Honeybee(Apis Mellifera) Based On Bioinformatics
2. Influence On The Plant Growth And Correlative Gene Expression Under Stresses
3. Roles Of Membrane-related Translocating Proteins In Salt Tolerance Of Suaeda Salsa
4. Studies On The Mechanism Of Regulations Of Ethylene, NO And H2O2 In The Adaptation Of Arabidopsis Callus To Salt Stress
5. Effects Of NaCl And KCl Stress On The Growth And Tonoplast Proton Pump Activities Of Suaeda Salsa
6. Experimental Study On Effects Of Sound Wave On The Growth Of Chrysanthemum (Gerbera Jamesonii) Roots
7. Effect Of NaCl Stress On The K~+ Uptake And Plasma Membrane H~+-ATPase Activity Of Suaeda Salsa
8. Study On Plasma Membrane Protein Of Roots And Dissoluble Protein In Leaves Of Paulownia In Steady-state Mineral Nutrition Under Water Stress
9. Effects Of NaCl Stress On The Activities Of Tonoplast H~+-ATPase And H~+-PPase In Roots, Stems And Leaves Of Suaeda Salsa
10. Effect Of KCl Treatment On The Plasma Membrane H~+-ATPase Activity Of Suaeda Salsa.
11. Isolation, Purification And Subunit Analysis Of Tonoplast H~+-ATPase From Suaeda Salsa L.
12. Cloning And Expression Analysis Of The H Subunit Of V-H~+-ATPase In The Leaves Of Halophyte Suaeda Salsa Under Salt Stress
13. Study On The Structure And Function Of VHA-c Gene Promoter In Arabidopsis Thaliana
14. The Effect Of H~+-ATPase In PM Of Arabidopsis Thaliana Pollen Cells In Signal Transduction Pathway Of Extracellular CaM
15. Primary Study On The Function Of Subunit C Genes Of Vacuolar H~+-ATPase In Arabidopsis Thaliana By RNA Interference
16. The Effect Of Plasma Membrane H~+-ATPase On Calcium Channel In PM Of Vicia Faba Guard Cells
17. The Primary Investigation About Signal Transduction Pathway Of PM H~+-ATPase Participated Stomatal Movement Regulation In Arabidopsis Thaliana
18. The Responses Of Plant Plasma Membrane H~+-ATPase To Phosphorus Deficient Stress
19. Primary Study On The Function Of Subunit C Genes Of Vacuolar H~+-ATPase In Arabidopsis Thaliana By Overexpression
20. Expression Of Genes From Limonium Bicolor Under NaHCO3 Stress And Functional Identification Of The VHA-c
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