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1. Studies Of Seismology On The Structure Characteristic And Advantaged Oil&Gas Accumulation In North Harbin Area Of Songliao Basin
2. The Geophysical Evidences Of The Structural Characteristics In The Northern And Eastern Areas Of North Harbin In Songliao Basin And The Analysis Of The Oil & Gas Structural Conditions
3. Study On The Relativity Of Plant Landscape And Main Ecological Factors Of Rose In Harbin
4. The Analysis And Evaluation Of Landscape Construction Harbin's Suburb
5. Immersion Assessment For Urban Construeuction In Songbei District Of Harbin
6. Studies On The Taxonomy Of Phytomonadina (Volvocales S. Ampl.) From Wuhan And Harbin Area In China
7. Study On The Surface Raindrop Spectra Features And Z-I Relationship In Spring And Summer In Harbin
8. Leaf Color Interation Properties Of Harbin Woody Plants And Their Communication System Establishment
9. Calculation And Application Of The 2D Flow Of Harbin-Sanjiazi Area
10. Study On High Altitude Variation Of Climate Elements In Harbin
11. Research Of Vegetation Segmentation Technology In Harbin City
12. Study On The Community Structure Of Phytoplankton And Environmental Impact Assessment In Harbin Section Of Songhua River
13. Analysis Of Gene Expression Associated With Reproductive Regulation In Male Rattus Norvegicus From Harbin And Zhanjiang
14. Research On Temporal And Spatial Distribution Characteristics Of Shoreside Micro Biological Community And Environmental Factors Correlation In Songhua River(Harbin Section)
15. Research On Water Environment Infor Mation Database Management System Of Harbin Section Of Songhua River Based On GIS
16. Evaluation And Utilization Plan On Geothermal Resource Of Mountai Dadingzi In Harbin, Heilongjiang Province
17. Dynamic Analysis Of Urban Landscape Pattern In Central Urban Area Of Harbin City
18. Research On Planning Of Wetland Ecotourism Based On Spatial Analysis Function Of GIS
19. The Ground Deformation Monitoring Based On Differential SAR Interferometry And Its Integrated Analysis In Harbin
20. Eco-network Analysis Of Harbin Central City And The Research On Its Landscape Ecological Pattern Optimization
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