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1. Conservation Of Forest Germaplasm Resources For Chinese
2. Study On Geographic Distribution,Community Character And Biomass Of Sabina Vulgaris Ant. Germplasm Resources
3. Studies Of Classification On Germplasm Of The Male Plants Of Ginkgo Biloba L.
4. Exploring Genetic Diversity Of Dioscorea Zingiberensis And Diosgenin Content
5. Taxonomic Treatments Of Camellia Section Tuberlata And The Evaluation Of Their Germplasm Resources
6. Resources And Ornamental Evaluation Of Wild Orchids In Fuzhou
7. Molecular Cloning Of Cinnamic Acid4-hydroxylase Gene,4-coumarate: Coa Ligase Gene And Chalcone Synthase Gene In Mulberry(morus Multicaulis) And Expression Analysis Of Them Among Different Germplasm Resources
8. Establishment Of Standard Strains Library And Screening Excellent Strains Of Grifola Frondosa
9. Studies On Germplasm Resources Investigation And Domestication And Cultivation Of Wood-rotting Fungi In Changbai Mountain
10. Study On The Germplasm Resources Of Three Genera Fruit Trees From Caprifoliaceae In Changbai Mountain
11. Genetic Diversity And Preservation Measures For Germplasm Resources Of Musk Deer In China
12. Studies On Germplasm Resources And Spectral Characteristics Of Millettia Plants
13. Systematics And Reproductive Ecology Of The Germplasm Resources Of Oenanthe
14. Research On Genetic Diversity Of Wild Lilium Pumlium DC Germplasm Resources In Yan'an Area
15. Study On The Genetic Structure And Clonal Diversity Of Psammophyte Leymus Racemosus Germplasm Resources
16. The Studies On The Genetic Diversity And Genetic Structure Of Zizania Latifolia Germplasm Resources In The Southwest Of China
17. Germplasm Resources And Cytology Of The Genus Primula(Primulaceae) From China
18. High-throughput Sequencing Of Hypericum Perforatum Transcriptome And Research On Germplasm Resources In Qinling Mountains
19. Research And Application Of Germplasm Resource Data Based On Multiple Linear Regression Analysis
20. Morphological Variation And New Classification System Of Paulowniaceae Plants
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