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1. Molecular Cloning Of 5' Flanking Region And Introns Of 20 A Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Gene,Structure Analysis And Measurement On Their Activities Of Regulation Gene Expression
2. Gene Cloning And Expression: Alkaline Lipase From Penicillium Expansum PF898
3. Cloning And Fusing Of The Cholesterol Oxidase Gene And Their Expression In E. Coli. And Higher Plant
4. Cloning And Expression Of Genes Encoding Phospholipase A2 And Hyaluronidase Of Honeybee Bee Venom From Apls Cerana Cerana And A.Mellifera
5. Study On Role Of DNA Polymerase β In Alkylating Agent MNNG Induced Untargeted Mutagenesis
6. The Expression Of UGT1A9 From Human Liver Tissues In CHL Cell Lines And The Study Of Glucuronidation Function To Drugs
7. Roles Of Chromosome Acetylation And Deacetylation In Hsp Gene Expression In Drosophila
8. The Characteristics Of Antiviral Protein From Mushrooms And The Gene Clone And Expression
9. Purification, Gene Cloning And Expression Of A Fibrinolytic Enzyme From Douchi, A Chinese Traditional Soybean-fermented Food
10. Construction And Expression Of The Fusion Gene Of Somatoatatin (S14) And Hepatitis Surface Antigen (HBsAg) In Pichia Pastoris
11. Screening Of The Differentially Expressed Genes And Cystatin C Expression In The Deafferented Hippocampus
12. Study On Methods For Microarray Data Analysis Based On Mixed Linear Model Approach And Conditional Variable Analysis
13. Molecular Cloning And Gene Expression Of Wheat Violaxanthin De-epoxidase
14. Gene Cloning And Expression Patterns Of EREBPs In Ethylene Signal Transduction Of Tomato Fruit
15. Influence Of Stress On Expression Of LE-ACS And Nuclear Subunit Genes In Ethylene Signaling
16. Sample Class Discovery And Sample Class Prediction Based On Gene Expression Profile
17. Cloning, Sequence Modification And Functional Expression Of Structural Genes Of Bacillus Subtilis Biotin Operon
18. Molecular Cloning Of The CDNA Encoding Adult Bullfrog Growth Hormone And Its Transgenetic Expression Effects On Experimental Bullfrog
19. The Role Of Heterotrimeric G Protein In Pollen Germination And Leaf Development Of Arabidopsis (Appendix: The Effect Of Extracellular CaM On Gene Expression)
20. The Cloning And Characterization Of CDNA For ECBP21 From Angelica Dahurica
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