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1. Relationship Between Flight And Juvenile Hormone, Fuel Utilization And Enzyme Activity Related Energetic Metabolism In Mythimna Separata And Spodoptera Exigua
2. Organ Development, Nutrition Metabolism And Energy Budget During The Early Development Of Odontobutis Potamophila (Gǖnther)
3. Modeling Of Myeloma Cell Cultivations
4. Studies On The Molecular Cloning, Expression And Characterization Of 3 Protein Genes From Insect
5. Construction Of Gene Engineering L.lactis That Can Express Urotoxin Enzyme In High Level And Examination Of The Enzyme Activity
6. Design And Expression Of Hybrid Gene Encoding Thermostable Endoglucanase With High Activity And Property Of Hybrid Enzyme
7. High Enzyme Activity Screening Of Methyl Parathion Hydrolase And Study Of Nanowire Fluorescent Molecular Biosensor
8. Structure And Function Of Urm1 - Modified Protein And Escherichia Coli Protein Of Ubiquitin
9. Structure And Function Of Thermophilic Esterase EstL5 In GDSL Family
10. Study On The Crystal Structure And Thermal Stability Mechanism Of Heat - Resistant P - Nitrophenol Phosphatase
11. The Structure And Function Of Human Gmp Reductase 2 (gmpr2)
12. The Parp1 Val762ala Polymorphism Reduce The Enzyme Activity
13. Appropriate Cold Bacteria Pseudoal Teromonas Sp.bsi590 Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylation Enzyme Gene Cloning And Enzymatic Properties
14. Chain The Nature And Function Of The Mold The Phage c31 Integrase Enzyme And Its Application In Mammalian Cells
15. The Chickpeas Spore Kluyveromyces Inulinase Secretory Expression And Applied Research
16. Droplet-based Mcriofluidic Single Cell Analysis System
17. Variations Of Soil Microbial Diversity Along An Elevation Gradient In The Wuyi Mountains
18. Correlation Between Interchain Cross-Linking And Enzyme Activity Of Protein Disulfide Isomerase
19. Expression Of TrxA-EstB1 Fusion Protein And Its Purification, Characterization Of Enzyme Activity
20. Molecular Cloning, Gene Expression And Enzyme Activity Characterization Of Three Types Of 17β-hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenases (17β-HSD1, 17β-HSD3, 17β-HSD8) From Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis Niloticus
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