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1. Research On The Improvement Effect Of Different Organic Materials On Coastal Saline Soil
2. Effects Of Coastal Saline Soil Stress On Growth And Physiological Indexes Of 6 Functional Plants
3. Effect Of Different Rice Straw Treatment Methods On The Component Of Phosphorus And Potassium In Coastal Saline Soil
4. Application Of Municipal Sludge In Coastal Saline Soil Improvement
5. Improvement Effect Of Organic Fertilizer And N On Coastal Salinization Soil
6. Effects Of Cotton Straw Returning And Subsoiling On Physiological Basis Of Cotton Yield Formation In Coastal Saline Soil
7. Research On The Model Of Coastal Saline Soil Water And Salt Content In Yellow River Delta Based On GPR
8. Response Of Different Maize Varieties To Coastal Saline Soil Stress And Identification Of Salt Tolerance
9. Effect Of Pyroligneous Acid Co-applied With Cow Manure On Chemical Properties And Microbial Community Structure In Saline-alkali Soil
10. Soil Characteristics Of Coastal Saline Soil And Its Growth Mechanism
11. Effect Of Silvopastoral System On The Improvement Of Coastal Saline Soil In The Yellow River Delta
12. Quantitative Inversion Of Soil Moisture And Salinity According To Different Salinization Grades In Coastal Saline Soil Of Yellow River Delta
13. Effects Of Soil Amendments On Coastal Saline-alkali Soil And Rice Growth
14. Research On The Improvement Effect And Mechanism Of Several Amendments On Coastal Saline Soil
15. Study On Composting Of Green Waste And The Improvement Effect Of Products On Coastal Saline Soil
16. Optimization Of Preparation Technology Of Urea Phosphate Compound Fertilizer And Its Synergistic Mechanism Of Phosphorus In Coastal Saline Soil
17. Screening Of Phosphate-solubilizing Marine Bacteria And The Application In Saline-alkali Soil Reclamation
18. Study On Agricultural Use Of Solid Waste And Its Improvement On Coastal Saline Soil
19. Study On Improvement Effect Of Coastal Saline Soil
20. Characteristics Of Nitrogen Transfer And Transformation In Coastal Saline Soil With Different Material Additions
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