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1. Seasonal Structure And Variation Of The Circulation In The Southern South China Sea
2. Study On The Heat Budget And Meridional Circulation In The Tropical Indian Ocean
3. Seasonal And Interannual Variations Of The Southern Hemisphere Circulation And Their Influences On East Asian Summer Monsoon
4. The Climatological Characteristics Of Rainfall In Vietnam And Its Relation To Atmosphere General Circulation And SST
5. Cretaceous Desert In China And Its Paleoclimate
6. On The Properties Of Atmospheric Circulation Equation And Analytic Solution Computation
7. Numerical Similation Of The China Adjacent Sea Circulation And Its Seasonal Variation
8. Studies On Hydrothermal Circulation And Smokers Of Modern Seafloor Hydrothermal Activity
9. A Numerical Study Of The Influence Of The Global Ocean On The Variabilities Of The Southeast Asian Marginal Seas Circulation
10. Activity Characteristics And Numerical Simulation Of Polar Vortex And Its Effect On Climate In China
11. Diagnostic Studies On The Inter-annual And Inter-decadal Variability Characteristics Of The Arctic Oscillation
12. The Development Of CHF-20 Percussive-Rotary Reverse-circulation Drill
13. Lattice Boltzmann Modeling For Mechanistic Models Of Wind-driven Ocean Circulation
14. The Establishment Of The Wave-circulation Coupled Model Based On POM And Its Applications In The Global Ocean And The Coastal Sea
15. Coupling Of A Global 3D Atmospheric Chemistry Transport Model With An Atmospheric General Circulation Model And Its Applications
16. Ensemble Forecasting Performance Studies On The Important Medium-Range Circulation Processes Affecting China
17. Dynamic Structure Of Ocean Circulation In The Tropical Western Pacific Ocean And Its Simulation
18. A Preliminary Study Of Influences Of Dust Events In Northern China On The Regional Environments
19. Study On The Circulation And Mixing In The East China Sea
20. The Role Of The Atmospheric And Oceanic Circulation In The Interaction Between The Tropics And Extra-Tropics
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