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1. Analysis Of Radial Growth Patterns Of Strip-bark And Whole-bark Bristlecone Pine Trees In The White Mountains Of California: Implications In Paleoclimatology And Archaeology Of The Great Basin
2. Seasonal And Interannual Variability In Wind-driven Upwelling Along The Zhejiang Coast And The California Coast
3. Abnormal Characteristics Of The State Vector Before The Earthquake
4. Climate Change Impacts On Stream Flow Of The Upper San Joaquin River Headwater Watershed, California, America
5. Analysis Of The Characteristics And The Mechanisms Of Physical And Biological Processes In The California Current System
6. Interseismic And Postseismic Deformation In The Mojave Desert, Southern California, USA
7. Analysis Of The California Climate Action Since The1990s
8. Wave Equation-based Seismic Tomography Method And Their Applications
9. MIultiple-Scale Variability Of Waves In The Southern California Bight
10. Research On The Early Rise Of The Physics Discipline In California Institute Of Technology(1920s-1930s)
11. Natural Seismic Signal Reconstruction Based On Low Rank Completion
12. Pollution Characteristics Of Polyhalogenated Carbazole And Brominated Flame Retardants In Harbor Seals Of The California
13. Distribution of Neogene extension and strike slip in the Death Valley region, California-Nevada, with implications for palinspastic reconstruction and models of normal faulting
14. Bio-physical interactions of small pelagic fish schools and zooplankton prey in the California current system over multiple scales
15. Middle and late Holocene hunter-gatherer adaptations to coastal ecosystems along the southern San Simeon Reef, California
16. Recruitment failure, climate change and community interactions in California valley oak woodlands
17. Geochemistry of the Neoproterozoic Johnnie Formation and Stirling Quartzite, southern Nopah Range, California: Deciphering the roles of climate, tectonics, and sedimentary process in reconstructing the early evolution of a rifted continental margin
18. Natural forces, human choices: An over time study of responses to biophysical and human induced disturbance in Los Angeles, California groundwater governance
19. From the Classroom to Commencement: An Algebra Intervention for the California High School Exit Exam
20. Characteristics of modal layering in the Round Valley Peak Granodiorite, eastern Sierra Nevada, California
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