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1. Effects Of Feedstock Type, Production Method, Pyrolysis Temperature On Biochar And Hydrochar Properties And Their Effects On Seed Germination
2. The Effect Of Biochar On Rice Growth And Cadmium Contents Under The Stress Of Cadmium
3. Isolation,Mutation Breeding And Application Of Electrochemically Active Bacteria
4. Electricity Generation And Application Of Electroactive Biofilms In The Bioelectrochemical Systems
5. Study On The Immobilized Double Enzyme Catalytic Esterification Of Oleic Acid In Reverse Micelle
6. The Research Of Physiological Basis Of The Biochar Relieving Salt Damage Of Malus Baccata Borkh
7. Study On The Characteristics Of Cunninghamia Lanceolata Biochar And Its Effects On Soil Carbon Stability
8. Improvement Of Tobacco-planted Cinnamon Soil By Biochar And Its Microecological Mechanisam
9. Effect Of Biochar And Organic Manure On Saline Sodic Soil Characteristics
10. Study On The Improvement Effect Of Calcium And Straw Materials On Tomato Continuous Cropping Soil In A Solar Greenhouse
11. Effect Of Bio-organic Fertilizers On Banana Wilt Disesae And Soil Microbiological Features
12. Study On The Regulation Of Soil Acidification As Affected By Water Nitrogen And Carbon In Farmland
13. The Effect Of Biochar On Acidic Soil Amelioration And Soil Nitrification
14. Biochar Effects On Soil Physical Properties,Greenhouse Gases Emission,and Extractable Heavy Metals:A Meta-Analysis
15. Biological Mechanism For The Effects Of Soil Bacterial Community And Root Exudates On Bacterial Wilt Of Tomato
16. Dynamic Responses Of Nitrous Oxide Emissions And Nitrogen Use Efficiency To Biochar Amendment In Intensive Vegetable Fields
17. Effect Of Biochar And Silicon Fertilizer On Soil Greenhouse Gas Emissions And Ecosystems Carbon Sequestration Capacity In Moso Bamboo Forest
18. Effects Of Biochar On The Enzyme Activity And Bacterial Community In The Wetland Soil Contaminated By Pb And Cd
19. Microbial Community Characteristics Of Acidified Tie Guanyin Tea Soils With Different Ratooning Ages And Improvement Measures
20. Biochar Amendment Effects On Microbial Abundance,Activity And Functioning In Croplands
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