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1. Effects Of Light And Kinetin On Photomorphogenesis In Arabidopsis Seedlings
2. Molecular Cloning, Characterization And Transgenic Analysis Of CDNAs For Salt Stress Tolerance Response In Arabidopsis Thaliana Using Schizosaccharomyces Pombe
3. Expression Analysis Of Tonoplast Proton Pumps Of Suaeda Salsa And Effect Of Co-overexpression Of SsNHX1 And AVP1 On The Salt Tolerance Of Arabidopsis Thaliana Under Salt Stress
4. Isolation Of SsNHX1 From Halophyte Suaeda Salsa And Gene Engineering For Arabidopsis Thaliana
5. Signal Transduction Of Anthocyanin Accumulation And CHS Expression In Arabidopsis Thaliana Induced By Blue Light
6. The Role Of Calcium And Calmodulin In Jasmonic Acid Signalling In Arabidopsis Thaliana
7. Construction Of Inducible Guard Cell-specific Promoters And Effects Of Overexpression Of Atdof1.7 On Stomatal Movements
8. Nucleotide Polymorphisms At The Drought Candidate Gene Loci Of Arabidopsis Thaliana And Their Association Study With Drought Index And Functional Study Of ATHK1
9. T-DNA Insertion Mutants Of Arabidopsis Thaliana
10. Effects Of Overexpression Of Suaeda Salsa CDNA Library And Co-overexpression Of SsNHX1-AVP1 On Salt Tolerance In Arabidopsis Thaliana Cloning And Expression Of FAD7 Gene Of Suaeda Salsa
11. Genetic Analysis Of Sawtooth-like Leaf Mutant In Arabidopsis Thaliana
12. Study On Phenotypic Selection And Adaptive Plasticity Of Arabidopsis Thaliana
13. Function Analysis Of Kinesin Isoform AtKP1 In Arabidopsis Thaliana
14. Functions Of NAD(H) Kinases In Arabidopsis Thaliana Under Abiotic Stress
15. Isolation, Identification And Functional Analysis Of The Proteins Related To The Phenotypes Of Arabidopsis Mutants Lpt1 And Lks1
16. A Guard Cell Specific F-box Protein DOR Negatively Regulates Drought Tolerance In Arabidopsis Thaliana
17. The Expression And Regulation Of VHA-c Genes In Arabidopsis Thaliana
18. 1. F9315 Is Required For Flowering-time Control And Trichome Development In Arabidopsis Thaliana 2. F9231, An Important Gene That Is Involved In The Sugar Signaling Transduction Pathway In Arabidopsis Thaliana
19. Molecular Mechanism Involved In Gene Regulation Of Leaf Curvature
20. Positional Clone And Genetic Analysis Of Ess Mutant Of Arabidopsis Thaliana
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