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1. Functional Analysis Of An Arabidopsis Hemoglobin
2. Studies On The Responses Of Desert Algae To Ultraviolet Radiation And The Algal Crust Formation Under Field Conditions
3. Study Of Plasma Membrane Fluidity And Its Cold-adaptation Of Antarctic Yeast Rhdotorula Sp. NJ298
4. Photoprotective And Antioxidative Mechanisms In Woody Plants In The Yuanjiang Hot-dry Valley, Yunnan, SW China
5. Studies On Eco-physiological Adaptation Mechanism And Endangering Mechanism Of Tetraena Mongolica Maxim. In Different Habitats
6. Studies On Physiological Mechanisms In Response To Low Temperature And Drought In Regenerated Seedlings Of Chorispora Bungeana
7. Morphological And Physiological Responses To UV-B Radiation In Duckweeds: Spirodela Polyrhiza
8. Effects Of UV-B Radiation On The Interaction Of Macro-Algae And Micro-Algae
9. The Effect Of Magnesium On The Rat Body's Antioxidant System
10. Effect Of Long-term Intake Of Y~(3+) In Drinking Water On Antioxidant System And Gene Expression In Liver Of Rats
11. Influence Of The Physical And Chemical Factors On The Physiology Of Dunaliella. Salina
12. Comparative Study On Leaf Antioxidant System Of Green And Red-violet Phenotype Suaeda Salsa
13. The Effect Of Nutrient Salts On Growth Indicators And Antioxidant System Of Submerged Plant
14. The Physiological Responses Of Endemic Plants Reaumuria Trigyna In Alashan Desert To Salt Tolerance
15. Effects Of Dark Treatment And UV-B Radiation On The Energy Transfer Process Of Chloroplast
16. Effects Of Cd2+ Stress On Antioxidant System Of Jatropha Curcas L. And Root System Simulation
17. Effects Of Salt Stress On The Rubisco Carboxylase Activity In Alhagi Pseudoalhagi
18. Endophytic EF0801 From S.salsa Infection Alleviate Damage Of Rice Seedlings Under Pb Stress
19. Design Of The Biomimetic Antioxidation System And Its Stability
20. Ecological Adaptability Of Four Herbaceous Plants Under Drought Stress In Mining Regions Of The Plateau Loess
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