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Research On Decentralization Of Service Composition

Posted on:2021-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2518306230478314Subject:Software engineering
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Today,Web services technology has been widely used in the implementation of distributed applications.A single Web service is challenging to meet the requirements of some business applications,so a service composition technology is proposed.In the service composition technology,since there is no central controller bottleneck problem in the decentralized service composition,compared with the centralized service composition,it has lower response time and higher throughput.This paper implements a decentralized composition construction method based on process partitioning technology.The specific work is to use type directed graphs to model business processes,and propose a grouping algorithm based on the graph transformation method to partition the process model,and finally build a decentralized service composition based on the business process results after the partition.Considering the performance difference between heterogeneous servers,a method for selecting partition result sets based on response time is proposed.First,use the response time of the test server to model the server performance;then,input parameters to the scoring algorithm to select the result set;finally,build a decentralized service composition based on the selected business process partition results.Through experimental tests,the grouping algorithm proposed in this paper has a good improvement on the model's time-consuming compared to the single-threaded algorithm.The decentralized service composition constructed has better performance,and the decentralized service composition considering the factors affecting server performance has better server processing performance.The experimental results show that the implemented method for constructing a decentralized service composition can effectively partition the business process,and the proposed scoring method can effectively consider the different effects of the server.The decentralized service composition finally constructed has a better execution efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service partitioning, Graph transformation, Decentralized service composition method, Service composition technology, Process partitioning, Server performance evaluation
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