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Research On The Process Optimization Of Wireless Network Resource Management In Y Company Based On Data Mining

Posted on:2021-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2518306044951759Subject:Master of Business Administration
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The perfect integration of Internet and 4G technology has promoted the vigorous development of mobile Internet,accelerated the continuous upgrading and major changes of the industry and promoted the cultivation of new kinetic energy of digital economy through constant penetration and influence on various industries.On the contrary,due to the market saturation and fierce competition in the industry,the rapid growth of traffic brings more pressure to the network operation and maintenance of basic communication operators,and the pipeline trend is further accelerated.Customer satisfaction is the survival and development foundation of enterprise development.For operators,the network is delivered to users in the form of products,and the network quality is the core competitiveness.Facing the situation of product homogeneity in the industry and intensified competition among industries,how to build the competitive advantage of enterprises and ensure the user experience has become an urgent problem to be solved.In this paper,Y company's wireless network resource management process as the research object,aiming at the problems existing in the existing process,using data mining technology to carry out user perception analysis,positioning potential dissatisfied users and high-value areas,exploring the realization of accurate resource delivery,and effectively improving user perception.First,based on literature reading,we should deeply understand the application trend of big data in the industry and provide theoretical and technical support for the research;second,we should locate the problem points that restrict the improvement of user perception in the existing resource management process and deeply explore the causes of the problems;third,we should associate user perception with network performance indicators based on decision tree algorithm to establish an indicator system that affects user perception,Accurately evaluate the customer perception,optimize and reorganize the existing resource management process on this basis,improve the operation and maintenance management efficiency of Y company with the support of data,and provide strong support in response to the impact of traffic growth,realize the accurate resource delivery and sustainable development of the company.
Keywords/Search Tags:Data Mining, Process reengineering, Value Assessment
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