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Research On Centralized Maintenance Of Wireless Network Of D Province Mobile Company Based On Data Mining

Posted on:2021-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2518306044451014Subject:Master of Business Administration
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The year 2019 is the first year of 5G network construction.2019 is the first year of 5g construction.5g network features of super large connection,super high speed rate and ultra low delay can be applied to various industries such as industry,agriculture,medical treatment,etc.,providing people with a more convenient lifestyle,thus bringing new opportunities to the communication industry.The standard interface of 5g network can connect various industries.In the future,the services provided by communication network will not be limited to voice and data services.Mobile communication will develop to a broader field,and the following applications will cover all aspects of people's lives.China Mobile will build a 2G/4g-tdd/4g-fdd/Nb/5G multi network collaborative integration network.The number and types of base stations will reach a new high in history.The complexity of network collaboration and interoperability will further increase,which will increase the difficulty and cost of network operation and maintenance.At the same time,the implementation of the policy of speed-up and fee reduction,number carrying and network transfer and the strong competition of Internet companies make the communication industry unable to obtain the revenue matching the investment.In order to maintain the industry leading advantage,seize the 5g opportunity,realize the strategic transformation from operators to service providers,further strengthen the operation and maintenance management ability,reduce the operation and maintenance cost,accurately invest resources,and create a high-quality network,which has become a problem that China Mobile needs to face.By studying the mode of centralized operation and maintenance management and the theory of business process reengineering at home and abroad,this paper analyzes the problems in the centralized maintenance of wireless network of D Province Mobile Company at present,find out the centralized maintenance idea that suits d province mobile company.Base station is the main network element of wireless network,facing the problems of complex network of base station,such as the number of base stations,factories,2g/4G-TDD/4G-FDD/NB/5g,etc.,find out the key pain point in maintenance work,focus on the key process,use clustering method to find problems,classify and summarize,use correlation analysis method to improve work efficiency,put forward the optimization scheme to the existing business process,forming the whole life cycle management of base station.In order to improve the quality and efficiency of maintenance,and achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase,the limited resources will be invested in the development of new business,for the construction of 5G network,to create d province high-quality network,enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Centralized operation, Data mining, Process optimization
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