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Enhancements to the data mining process

Posted on:1998-10-28Degree:Ph.DType:Thesis
University:Stanford UniversityCandidate:John, George HarrisonFull Text:PDF
GTID:2468390014476017Subject:Computer Science
Data mining is the emerging science and industry of applying modern statistical and computational technologies to the problem of finding useful patterns hidden within large databases. This thesis describes the data mining process and presents advances and novel methods for the six steps in the data mining process: extracting data from a database or data warehouse, cleaning the data, data engineering, algorithm engineering, data mining, and analyzing the results.; We show how the standard data extraction process can be improved by building a direct interface between a data-mining algorithm and a relational database management system. Next, in data cleaning, we show how automatically iterating through the data mining process can identify records that can be profitably ignored during data mining. For data engineering, we develop an automated way to iterate through the data mining process to choose the subset of attributes that yields the best estimated results. In algorithm engineering, a similar process is used to automatically set the parameters of a mining algorithm.; For the data mining algorithms, we study enhancements to classification tree induction methods and Bayesian methods. Our new flexible Bayes data-mining algorithm is fast, understandable, and more accurate than the standard Bayesian classifier in most situations. In classification tree induction we study various univariate splitting criteria and multivariate partitions.; The analysis of results is necessarily domain-dependent. In an example applying data mining to stock selection, we discuss a key requirement in real-world applications: using appropriate domain-dependent methods to evaluate the proposed solution.
Keywords/Search Tags:Data mining, Methods
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