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Research On Energy Balance Algorithm Of Wireless Sensor Network Based On Mobile Sink

Posted on:2021-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330614466032Subject:Electronic and communication engineering
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Wireless sensor network(Wireless Sensor Network,WSN)is a distributed network consisting of a large number of end nodes distributed in the monitoring area.The nodes in the network complete the networking in the form of self-organization,and the sink node collects the data collected by each sensor node.In the process of data transmission,the nodes near Sink will be quickly exhausted due to more forwarding tasks.The resulting "energy hole" problem will seriously affect the performance of the network,so the energy consumption of the network must be considered when designing the WSN routing algorithm.In this paper,we will study the energy balancing routing algorithm in WSN with the goal of improving energy efficiency.The main research contents are as follows:(1)The characteristics of the WSN mobile convergence routing algorithm are studied,and the mobile strategies and data collection methods are classified and discussed.Introduced some typical Mobile Sink-based routing protocols in detail,distinguished from many aspects such as location awareness,path planning,and data collection methods,and compared the performance of various typical routing protocols.(2)Aiming at the problems of unreasonable selection of cluster head in LEACH and high energy consumption for long-distance transmission,an improved scheme is proposed.In the improved algorithm,the role of nodes is determined by two screenings to ensure that high-energy nodes become cluster heads first while controlling their number and distribution.The Sink node calculates the shortest path for inter-cluster transmission and compares the communication energy consumption,and establishes an inter-cluster route based on the results.Simulation results show that the new algorithm can effectively control the number and distribution of cluster heads.Compared with LEACH,it can effectively balance the network energy consumption and extend the network life cycle.(3)Combining the characteristics of the WSN mobile convergence routing algorithm,starting from the division method,data collection method,and mobile strategy,a mobile receiver-based mobile convergence routing algorithm is proposed.The cluster head is selected by Sink,and clustering is completed based on the K-means algorithm.At the same time,according to different continuous requirements,plan the movement path of Sink according to different data collection schemes.Simulation results show that the algorithm combined with mobile convergence can effectively balance the network and extend the lifetime of the network.
Keywords/Search Tags:WSN, energy balance, Mobile Sink, K-means, routing protocols
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