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Research On Optimization Of Coverage And Routing In Wireless Sensor Networks

Posted on:2021-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R X MiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330611996543Subject:Electronic Science and Technology
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As one of the four technologies leading the information technology revolution in the future,Wireless sensor technology plays an important role in human society.Wireless sensor networks(WSNs)generally consist of densely deployed sensor nodes that depend on batteries for energy.A large number of articles had analyzed and designed algorithms for WSN routing and coverage.However,routing and coverage as two of the most important functions of WSN lack of overall discussion and analysis.This paper focuses on analyzing and evaluating the overall performance of WSN in combination with routing and coverage.And mobile Sink node to optimize the overall performance of WSN.Firstly,analyze and design WSN coverage and routing.The function of WSN coverage is monitoring the target area and collecting the data by the sensor.In this paper,based on Delaunay triangulation calculation node perception radius to complete static coverage.A small number of mobile nodes use the Low Global Particle Swarm Optimization to quickly estimate the position of mobile nodes to maximize coverage.In terms of WSN routing,a routing planning algorithm based on irregular cellular automata is proposed,which is divided into two stages: route pre-selection and data transmission.In the stage of route pre-selection,the residual energy factor is taken as the weight to calculate the initial path,so as to balance the energy consumption and extend the network life cycle.In the stage of data transmission,the pre-selected state of nodes is taken as the weight for path replanning,so as to reduce network latency and alleviate network congestion.Proposed sleep schedule to reduce unnecessary energy expenditure.Based on the above WSN coverage and routing analysis,the basic performance evaluation factor of WSN(BPEF)is proposed in combination with coverage and routing characteristics to evaluate the performance of WSN,and the mobile Sink node optimizes WSN performance.This paper proposes the Sink node location evaluation factor(SLEF)to calculate the optimal location of the Sink node,and uses the above coverage and routing algorithms for simulation.Simulation results show that the proposed routing algorithm has low power consumption and low network latency.The proposed coverage algorithm has a high coverage rate.The BPEF can evaluate the overall performance of WSN,and the SLEF can quickly estimate the optimal Sink node location.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wireless sensor network, routing, coverage, evaluation of WSN, mobile Sink node
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