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Multi-Tenant Network Function Management System And Enhanced Technology Research

Posted on:2020-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the computing power of computing devices continues to increase,network function virtualization,overlay network technology,and software-defined network technologies continue to evolve.It has also become a research hotspot to provid designated services for tenant by deploying service function chains through cloud computing platforms.In the existing research results,there is a lack of flexible adjustment and reuse of the idle parts of the resources occupied by the deployed service function chain,and the lack of integration and utilization of multiple virtualization platforms and network technology platforms.Therefore,in view of the lack of current research on the above two points,this paper is based on a variety of virtualization technologies to provide network functions management system and enhanced technology for multi-tenant,mainly from the following two aspects.First,in theoretical research,the deployment strategy of the service function chain,whether it is the linear solution of accurate solution,or the heuristic algorithm of resource time change,or even the emerging deep learning algorithm,is based on the tenant needs to find the static deployment plan.It does not optimize the waste of resources caused by the reduced bandwidth of the tenant business flow.Therefore,this paper adopts a heuristic algorithm-based flexible network security service function chain deployment and management algorithm,to solve and optimize the service scenarios of multi-tenant network security service requirements dynamic arrival and dynamic change of service bandwidth.The specific process is divided into three phases.Firstly,the network security service function chain is deployed as soon as possible through the dynamic deployment sub-algorithm to meet the low-latency needs of the tenant.Then,the deployed service function chain is managed through the flexible management sub-algorithm,so that the part of resources which is allocated can be reused.Lastly,the dynamic alternate subalgorithm is used to ensure that the tenant's quality of service is not compromised by the flexible management.Finally,under the coordination of the three sub-algorithms,the flexible network security service function chain deployment and management algorithm can make better use of the idle part of the allocated resources in the whole system,which has certain practical value.Second,engineering technology,there is mature and stable virtual machine technology and lightweight and convenient container technology for virtualization technology,network technology and software-defined network technology for network technology.Each technology has its own characteristics and solutions to the problem.Therefore,this paper aims to integrate a variety of related technology platforms,and design and develop a comprehensive management system for network resource platforms based on modular ideas.The system is designed with a network resource management dispatching center on the whole composed of multiple network resource platforms.The network resource management dispatching center can be divided into four layers and multiple modules.Different levels of abstraction are carried out from the bottom up,and the differences between different network resource platforms are gradually unified.The format of the request parameters is designed to adapt to different features of different platforms.In addition,the dynamic deployment and management algorithm of the elastic network security service function chain is added to the algorithm module to enhance the system's flexible management capability for resources.Finally,the network resource comprehensive management system provides diverse service capabilities to the tenant,while ensuring the convenience of accessing more technology platforms in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service Function Chain, Flexible Deployment Management, Comprehensive Management System
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