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Research On Optical Valve Light Modulator Based On Micro-Fabrication

Posted on:2020-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Every day,we are exposed to a lot of different information and communicate with the environment all the time.The main way to get information is through visual acquisition,and the visual acquisition has a large proportion of the display.At this stage,displays are used in many fields,including industrial development,aerospace,transportation,and so on.With an increase in the number of people using the display,the increasingly high requirements for the display are commanded.Light valves are widely used as important components in the display field.Studying it will be of great help to deepen understanding of the development and dynamics of the display industry.In this thesis,a liquid crystal light valve modulator that meets the conditions of internal production is confirmed finally through the preliminary data collection to understand the current status of light valve products at home and abroad,and compared different characteristics of VA-lcd?TN-lcd and IPS-lcd.At the same time,the materials and processes used in the production are studied to confirm the process that is most suitable for the company's current production situation.The main content of this topic is to carry out theoretical research and implementation of light valve light modulators based on micro-fabrication.The specific content includes the study of the characteristics of liquid crystals,the investigation of different light modulator implementation schemes?.The process flow designed and used in this project can fully realize the production of TN liquid crystal light valve.After passing the experiment and verification,it was decided to determine the pressing amount of the resistance-coating roller to be-1.2 mm,the speed of the resistance-coating roller was confirmed to be 23.5 r/min,and the FH2730 photo-resist was used without adding a diluent.At the same time,it is confirmed that the TOP liquid is not used,the friction wheel speed is 500r/min,the friction platform travel speed is 50mm/s,and the PI liquid is determined to use 70%SE-3310.After tested,the product shows that response time are 10ms in rise time and 15ms in down time,Vthh is 1.2V,Vs is 2.1V.After the product is tested for reliability?including FPC fastness,high temperature storage,vehicle vibration,thermal shock?,the indicators are normal and there is no reliability problem.
Keywords/Search Tags:Light modulator, light valve, liquid crystal display, liquid crystal modulator, micro-fabrication
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