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Netty-Based Multi-Tenant Enterprise Instant Messaging System Design And Implementation

Posted on:2020-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330590473261Subject:Software engineering
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With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology,customer relationship management(CRM)has attracted wide attention from all walks of life,and has become a key factor to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.The connotation of CRM is to identify,attract and increase customer management strategy by managing customer relationship.However,with the further application of CRM in enterprises,more and more data need to be carried by CRM system.On the one hand,enterprises need to manage internal staff,on the other hand,they also need to manage customers,and they may need to communicate with each other.Enterprises hope that CRM system can be as suitable as possible for the use of the company,and other information systems of the company to connect the underlying data,play the greatest value.Business communication and business communication are the mainstream nowadays.Adding instant messaging function in mobile CRM system can realize cooperation and interconnection within enterprises,realize one-to-one and one-to-many communication among employees,support log,approval,document and picture real-time transmission,and make business communication more convenient.On the other hand,information such as customer clues and business clues in CRM system can be transformed into messages and delivered to instant messaging system for circulation,which can facilitate the exchange of information among salesmen and improve the operation efficiency of enterprises.Through the combination of CRM system and instant messaging,the connection of enterprise bottom data is opened up,so that CRM system and instant messaging system can play the greatest value,improve the work efficiency of employees and reduce the operation cost of enterprises.Based on Netty framework,this paper designs and implements a multi-tenant instant messaging software which connects data with CRM.The design and implementation of this multi-tenant enterprise instant messaging software server are introduced in detail.Instant messaging system server includes TCP link access,online management,routing,business functions,search and other modules.TCP link access module is mainly responsible for equipment access,receiving client requests,sendingmessages to the server;online management module is responsible for receiving equipment online information from the TCP link access module,saving equipment online status,providing an interface to check online status,saving each phone's PSToken,third-party push.The routing module is responsible for protocol conversion,gateway distribution,load balancing,reporting log,etc.The business module is responsible for message management,session management,search module is responsible for message search,session search and so on.Finally,through the actual test,the whole system can realize the instant messaging function between employees,and can meet the needs of multi-tenants.The function and performance of the whole system have reached the expected results and have been put into use online.
Keywords/Search Tags:enterprise instant messaging system, Netty, third-party push, CRM, online management
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