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Water Wave Optimization Algorithm And Its Application

Posted on:2019-12-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Z ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330545468396Subject:Computer application technology
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The water wave optimization(WWO)algorithm based on shallow water wave theory is a novel meta-heuristic optimization algorithm,which mainly imitates propagation,refraction and breaking phenomenon.The WWO algorithm not only has some advantages of simple framework,few control parameters,easy to understand and implement,but also balances well the global search ability and the local search ability to a certain extent.Therefore,once proposed,WWO algorithm has attracted domestic and foreign scholars,and has been successfully applied to solve the practical engineering optimization problems.However,WWO algorithm has some disadvantages of slow convergence speed,low calculation accuracy,and easy to fall into the local optimum.In this paper,the shortcoming of WWO algorithm are analyzed and improved,the improved algorithm is applied to solve the functions optimization and practical engineering problems.The purposed is to further improve the overall optimization performance and broaden its application range.The main contents of this paper include the following three aspects:(1)The water wave optimization algorithm and the sine cosine algorithm are combined,the elite opposition-based learning strategy is added to refraction operation to expand the search space and increase the diversity of the population.The sine cosine water wave optimization algorithm is proposed,which is applied to solve the functions optimization problems.(2)In order to avoid the slow convergence speed and fall into the local optimal of the water wave optimization algorithm,the velocity of the wind-driven optimization algorithm is added to the propagation operation,the wind-driven water wave optimization algorithm is proposed.The algorithm not only achieves complementary advantages,but also enhances the global search ability,which is applied to solve the function optimization and practical engineering optimization problems.(3)The water wave optimization algorithm is applied to solve the optimal reactive power dispatch in power system.The power system achieves the optimal dispatch and control of the reactive power,which can improve the quality of voltage and reduce the power transmission losses so as to reduce operating costs and enhance the level of stable operation.The results of the optimization can find the optimal control parameters and the minimum active power losses.
Keywords/Search Tags:Water wave optimization algorithm, Sine cosine algorithm, Elite opposition-based learning strategy, Wind-driven optimization algorithm, Functions optimization, Engineering optimization, Optimal reactive power dispatch
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