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Contemporary Research On Obituary In China

Posted on:2019-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the opening of society and the development and popularization of Internet science and technology,People are awakening to self-awareness.The understanding of the value and importance of obituaries in our country is also increasing.The obituaries are published in newspapers and other public media,revealing the death of the deceased,reviewing and remaking the lives of the deceased,and making a summary and commentary on his life.Obituary,as a news form with abundant cultural connotations,combines together with the death of human's anima,records the passing of life one after another,and contains plenteous meanings in lives of human beings.The manifestations,development and diversifications of obituary have specific social and cultural backgrounds,restrained to the social culture in specific conjuncture.Summarizations,explorations and acquisitions are eagerly needed for newish developments and multiple values of obituary reporting.This paper explores the historical roots and veins of the development of obituary in China,analyzes the multiple values of obituary,and analyzes the existing problems and the reasons for the slow development of obituary report.At the same time,combining with the process of the development of integrated media,combining with the successful case analysis,this paper summarizes the new changes of obituaries under the context of convergence journalism from the form and content writing.The study found that obituaries had news value,historical value and social value,and had significant effects in informing,recording history and demonstrating equality.Although the contemporary obituary originated in the West,there has been a mourning culture in our country since ancient times,which has formed various styles successively,such as eulogy epigraphy and funeral oration,which have influenced the performance and development of contemporary obituaries in our country with western obituaries.It is undeniable that in the development of contemporary obituaries in China,there are characteristics and problems such as narrow news sources,obvious differences in publication time,and small scale of coverage.This is closely related to the ignorance of the concept of death under influence of Confucian culture,hierarchy and government-owned standard thought,press system stressing on propaganda and the self-concept under the atmosphere of collectivism context.With the development of convergence journalism,the obituaries in our country have changed in form and content,the clues of obituaries have been widened,and the background information of the deceased has been more effectively integrated.The forms of obituaries are also more varied,focusing on readers' reading experience and interaction.In writing,the method of non-fiction writing is introduced to make obituary more readable.This paper also provides some suggestions,such as use hyperlink to expand the breadth of information to make the obituaries report module structure clear,Through these methods to promote the obituary to better meet the needs of the public and to realize the social value of it in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:obituary reporting, value of obituary, convergence journalism, non-fiction writing
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