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Design Of Memory Output Feedback Controller For Time-Delay LPV System

Posted on:2019-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X P LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330542472945Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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In actual industrial control,various industrial production processes,production equipment,and many other controlled objects are often non-linear,converting these systems into linear variable-parameter(LPV)is a more effective way,so the linear variable parameter system is getting more and more attention.At the same time,the time-delay characteristic is widely existed in various industrial systems,and has a serious impact on the performance of these systems.Therefore,the time-delayed LPV system has became a key issue in the field of control.For this reason,based on the linear matrix inequality(LMI)method,this paper analyzed the stability of the LPV system with time delay and the output feedback control problem.Firstly,based on the method of converting a general nonlinear system into the LPV system,this paper deeply analyzes the stability of the time-delay LPV system.For the shortcomings of state feedback control in the time-delay LPV systems,the problems of memoryless output feedback control and memory output feedback control are studied.The memoryless output feedback control means that the controller does not remember the time-delay term when the controller is designed.The memory output feedback control is to output the influence of the memory time-delay item when designing the controller and introduce the time-delay item into the controller design.Secondly,when designing the memoryless controller,the product terms of the system coefficient matrix and the Lyapunov function are introduced,the projection theorem and the additional matrix are used to decouple the system.Considering the conservativeness of a single Lyapunov function,a method of designing a parameter-dependent Lyapunov function is proposed to reduce the conservativeness of the designed controller.At the same time,the target output feedback control problem that satisfies the desired performance is turned into a finite dimensional convex optimization problem within the LMI framework,the transformation from infinity to finite dimension is completed,the controller is then solved,and finally verified the effectiveness of the design method by numerical simulation.Then,due to the memoryless output feedback controller design of the time-delay system,the influence of time-delay on the performance of the controller is not considered,so the memoryless output feedback controller design has a certain degree of conservation.For this reason,this paper proposes the memory output feedback controller design method,introduces the influence of time-delay when designing the controller,and applies the memoryless output feedback controller design method to the design of the memory output feedback controller.Finally,using MATLAB software,the memory output feedback controller has better control effect compared with the memoryless output feedback controller through numerical simulation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Linear matrix inequality, Time-delay system, Linear parameter variable system, Memory output feedback
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