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Customer Relationship Management System Design And Realize Based On SAP

Posted on:2016-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330473964900Subject:Software engineering
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Entering the 21 st century,China's manufacturing industry face huge competition and challenge.Companies also began to seek the transformation of management pattern,to enhance the competitive power.At this point,in order to "customer as the center,market as the guidance" for the concept of customer relationship management(CRM)on enterprise information planning blueprint,gradually become the focus of modem enterprises.In this paper,the author participate in CRM project as the background,to implement ASAP methodology as the instruction,management of the main characteristics of the SAP CRM system and its advantages are introduced and analyzed,and combined with the actual situation of the enterprise,introduced in detail based on the SAP CRM system of the whole project implementation process,to conduct the thorough research to the core processes,process improvement scheme was proposed,outlined as follows:(1)Based on the SAP CRM standards,the CRM system is divided into three modules: market/sales,service,parts,Papers on three modules are expounded and analyzed,including service,accessories relation between two modules is close,in the process of design and implementation process can be regarded as a whole,more conducive to project implementation.(2)The paper with the CRM service module as the theme,based on the implementation of the enterprise existing information platform,based on the actual business,drew out the blueprint for business process of the whole service module,extracting the needs of the business service module.Paper focus to introduces the main process service module design and implementation process,in order to change traditional passive service,change passive to active,real optimization of enterprise services,improve customer satisfaction,the system is introduced and designed the active service process,as a service engineer in accordance with the system generated rules the initiative door-to-door service,ensure the initiative and timeliness of the service;At the same time in order to optimize the structure of the service,down-to-earth service scenario,the system designed the dispatching process,bearing on its service process,is also the embodiment of service process,bottom allied with other related processes,largely reduces the service single data redundancy.The combination of all business process module forms a closed loop as complete blueprint for customer service,implements the building's dream of "first-class service" brand in the same industry.At present,the CRM system has been successfully running for almost a year,the end of this article in view of the customer service satisfaction data before and after the comparison,found that in terms of service,customer service and customer satisfaction than did improve a lot,complaints and complain less,not only really save the manpower cost,also won the customer satisfaction,realize the win-win between enterprises and the customers.Facts have proved that the successful implementation of CRM system,change and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises is of great significance,as well as the scientific guiding significance to improve enterprise management level.
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