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Development Of 3D Display And Query Platform Based On Cesium

Posted on:2020-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H F ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2370330590452353Subject:Surveying and mapping engineering
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In recent years,with the diversification of data acquisition methods,tilt photography based on data acquisition by drones has gradually become an irreplaceable new development direction in the surveying and mapping industry.On the other hand,2D GIS development technology and related software and hardware facilities are becoming more and more perfect,and 3D GIS based on 3D visualization scene still has a large development space.At the same time,WebGL technology and HTML5 new standards are proposed,which makes Web development technology get rapid development.How to combine the fast acquisition method of tilt photography with 3D GIS and realize the visual presentation on the Web has become a hot research topic in recent years.As a good 3D GIS development framework,Cesium can realize GIS analysis and 3D visualization scene creation by superimposing rich vector and model information in 3D virtual earth scene.At the same time,it also supports plug-in browsing interaction on the browser side.Based on the Cesium development framework,this paper realizes the combination of tilted 3D technology and GIS and realizes the construction of 3D visualization scene on the Web.The work of the thesis includes the following aspects:(1)Based on the fast reconstruction technology of 3D model of tilt photography,the 3D basic data scene is constructed,and the data organization and rendering call of the supportted Cesium 3D model format glTF and 3DTile are analyzed based on the scene.(2)Implement the function module on the basis of the 3D visualization scenario,and explain the realization methods of the three kinds of visual queries such as the geometric information query,the attribute information query and the panoramic link query.The query implementation process simultaneously completes the Calling and integration between system front and the data side.(3)Based on the Cesium framework to realize the system requirements function analysis,the three-dimensional visual scene system of the customer layer,service layer and data storage layer three-layer B/S architecture mode is constructed,and the design and function realization of each layer of the system are explained.(4)For the local implementation of the Cesium 3D visualization scenario,the webpage publishing method and technology for public web access in the webpage of the local area network are explained.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cesium, WebGIS, 3D Visualization, Intranet Penetration
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