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Effects Of Different Improvement Measures On Soil Water And Salt Characteristics Of Ningxia Saline-alkali Soil And Tree Growth

Posted on:2019-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Saline alkali land occupies large area in Ningxia,China.Where has high salinity and fragile ecosystem.It is difficult to reconstruct vegetation,seriously affect the utilization of local land resources and the development of regional economy.Therefore,it is necessary to improve the measures of saline alkali land management.The study site was located in Wuzhong,Ningxia province,and there are two types of improvement were used.The first is using different isolation cushion modern.Three materials:the corn stalk(JG),yellow sand(HS)and fly ash(FM)were applied as the isolation cushion(its thickness is 15cm,and it was laid at the bottom of the tree pits).The second is using different mulching modern.Three materials:the white film(BM),black film(HM)and straw(CL)were applied covered on the surface.In the results:(1)as isolation cushion,three treatments all increased soil water content?soil nutrient content and the leaf photosynthetic rate(Pn),transpiration rate(Tr),stomata conductance(Gs).The electric conductivity(EC)and pH value of soil decreased in all treatments.(2)Three kinds of mulching modes all performed well in soil improvement.Straw significantly increased the soil water content and decreased the soil film significantly decreased the soil pH and increased the soil nutrient content and Pn,leaf water use efficiency(LWUE).Therefore,those threes that covered by black film are drought resistance and salinity resistance.
Keywords/Search Tags:saline-alkali soil, isolation cushion, mulching, trees
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