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The Effect Of Different Organic Matter Input On Soil Carbon Fraction,Activity Of Microorganism And Enzyme For Pinus Forest In Taiyue Mountain

Posted on:2018-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The field manipulation experiment was carried out for the effects of different quality organic matter on the soil organic carbon content(SOC),SOC fraction,some enzymatic activities,ecological characteristics of soil microorganisms for Pinus forest of Taiyue Mountain.Five selected organic debris of biochar,com stem,Quercus liaotungensis ledf,Pinus tabulaeformis leaf,and wood stem sawdust were separately added at 205 g C.m-2 and totally mixed with the top 20 cm soil.The soils were periodically sampled and measured for different biohysical and physicochemical properties after the manipulation disturbance stabilized.The result were showed as the followings:(1)The effects of different quality organic matter on SOC,SOC fraction,and soil microorganism characteristics:organic matter input of different quality significantly improved the microbial base breathing values(P<0.05)and changed the proportion of soil organic carbon.Biochar and corn stem addition influenced soil carbon pool.Pinus tabulaeformis carr.leaf,pinus leaf,and sawdust mainly influence dentropy of microbial.The activity of BG was increased and that of PER was depressed by the input of biochar and corn stem.The activity of NAG was higher for input of sawdust.(2)Temporal patterns of SOC,SOC fraction and soil microorganism characteristics:soil organic carbon content and microbial biomass carbon content were the highest in spring.The activities of two cellulose enzyme were higher in spring than in Summer and Autumn.The activity of BG followed the order by May<August<October.The changing trend of oxidative enzyme was opposite to that of cellulose enzyme.The activity of NAG kept stable with time changing.The Microbial Basal respiration and the microbial metabolism entropy changed in time series as August>>October and May.Microbial features showed no seasonal variation.(3)The role of five extracellular enzymes:CBH showed negative correlation with microbial metabolism entropy in the three seasons.PO showed positive correlation with microbial metabolism entropy.CBH showed positive correlation with microbial metabolism entropy in August and October and PO shows Negative correlation with microbial metabolism entropy in October.The 5 kinds of soil enzyme activity are all not correlation with carbon pool activity.
Keywords/Search Tags:Soil microbial, Soil enzyme activity, Active organic carbon pool
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