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Research On The Dynamic Memory Management With Main Memory Database

Posted on:2017-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S W RongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330566457463Subject:Computer technology
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For modern computer software developing,dynamic memory give great flexible for programing design.Over last few decades,people continue to research and improve the algorithms for dynamic memory management,produce many dynamic memory managemet algorithm.And in the same time,there also has been great improve on database research,which provides many commercial or free open source databases.Database technology has been using in the varied field of modern society.And it also constructs the foundation of the internet.In the last decade,based on the data in the database,we are in the age of big data.But until now there is no one connect database technology and dynamic memory management together,and use the database as management of dynamic technology.In this article,it is about to use the in-memory database to manage dynamic memory.It's an innovation for both field in-memory database and dynamic memory management.This article is research by using main memory database SQLite to assign,recycle dynamic memory,all the dynamic memory stored in the SQLite.This article first did overall designed for dynamic memory management by using SQLite.And analyze the SQLite's datatype,and its relationship with memory datatype in programming design.Then research on how to use the feature of SQLite to design this research database model;Finally,a design model for the program base on overall design and database design,program model is mainly forced on encapsulation SQLite database.This article does not about improve the performance of dynamic memory,its forces on design a way to connect database technology and dynamic memory management.This program advantage is to use database technology to retrieval the detail information in dynamic memory.To complete relative research and design,and verify this method is feasibility,this article design and achieve one base on main memory database to make dynamic memory manage system--SQLMem Pool program.Base on the test result of SQLMem Pool to traditional dynamic memory management,SQLMem Pool may have disadvantage on overall performance but its program is totally feasibility.While SQLMem Pool is running,it will produce log database file about dynamic memory usage,based on retrieval this file,we can have all the detail about this dynamic memory.In the end of the article.It will show us how to retrieve the detail information about dynamic memory.
Keywords/Search Tags:Main memory database, SQLite, Dynamic memory
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