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Research On Communication Security And Privacy Protection In Internet Of Vehicles

Posted on:2019-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330542975003Subject:Communication and Information System
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As the combination product of Internet of Things and Intelligent Traffic System,Internet of Vehicles which uses Intelligent Connected Vehicle as the architecture terminal,has brought rapid changes for human life under the guidance and promotion of "Made in China 2025" strategy by means of the development of Communications,Automobile,Internet Industries and the integration of Artificial Intelligence,Big Data,Cloud Computing.With the popularization and application of Internet of Vehicles,the network security issues have been exposed gradually.The security and privacy threats to Internet of Vehicles are related to vehicles safety,human life and property safety.Therefore,it is very important to provide a reliable solution for network security in Internet of Vehicles.This thesis focused on communication security and privacy preserving in Internet of Vehicles.It combed the research status at home and abroad,the threats and the existing security protection strategy about the two kinds of problems in network security.Then,it introduced the security authentication technology and the privacy protection technology for location and trajectory systematically.Based on the principle of cryptography,this thesis presented the corresponding network security solutions for the special application scenarios of the Internet of vehicles,and the results are as follows:(1)In the vehicle roaming scenario,a safety authentication scheme based on elliptic curve cryptography was proposed.The scheme used elliptic curve cryptography and digital signcryption technology to achieve the mutual authentication and session key agreement between the vehicle and the foreign server.It could reduce the communication burden of the home server.Considering the security requirements during the vehicle roaming authentication process,the scheme could protect the identity privacy,the session key security and the forward security between the vehicle and the foreign server.It could resist a variety of attacks and ensured that the messages recorded in the field server could not be associated in order to get rid of the tracking from the foreign server.Through the theoretical analysis and simulation experiments,the results showed that this scheme could meet the security requirements of roaming communications in all aspects and had lower communication authentication cost and revocation cost comparing with some safety authentication schemes.(2)In the location-based service scenario,a privacy preserving scheme based on differential privacy was proposed.In order to protect the true trajectory of vehicles and improve the usability of location,the scheme considered the risk of vehicle trajectory privacy leakage caused by temporal correlation and proposed the quantitative model for location privacy leakage by introducing the idea of differential privacy.It designed the privacy leakage quantization algorithm to realize the quantization of location privacy leakage.Next,a higher degree of privacy protection was provided for the location of vehicles with large privacy leakage through the design of the differential privacy location data publishing mechanism.The simulation showed that the privacy leakage quantization algorithm was fast,and the differential privacy location data publishing mechanism had good location availability on the basis of protecting vehicle trajectory privacy.In the end,the thesis summarized the research work and clarified the future research contenting in the standards of safety authentication protocol,the factors related to the risk of location privacy leakage and the network security in other scenarios in Internet of vehicles.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet of Vehicles, Communication security, Privacy preserving, Security authentication, Location privacy, Trajectory privacy
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