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Design And Implementation Of Non-contact Palm Vein Image Recognition System

Posted on:2019-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W G DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330542493594Subject:Control engineering
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In today's information age,the rapid development of science and technology,it appears that information security is particularly important,traditional security measures,such as keys,ID cards more and more unable to meet the security requirements of the information age.As a result,in recent years,the unique biometric identification based on the human body has been rapidly developed and used in various security systems.Palm vein recognition technology is also one of biometrics,which is an identification technique that uses the uniqueness of the veins of each person's palm for identification.This paper designs a non-contact palm vein recognition system,this system will significantly improve people's information security in the information age.First of all,the author compares the advantages and disadvantages of various biometrics,analyzes the development and application status of palm vein recognition system,discusses the methods to improve the image quality of palm vein,and accelerates the identification of palm vein Authentication system certification strategy,and describes the palm vein identification system overall design flow.Then,a collection instrument of high-quality palm vein images collected by different groups of people is designed,and the palm of the user is illuminated by the adaptive adjustment method of the multispectral light source.Secondly,a CMOS image acquisition module is designed and the collected vein images are uploaded into the embedded part of the host computer.Based on various algorithms,the collected venous images are preprocessed and the intensity of the control is adjusted according to the image quality evaluation results,which are used to adjust the three different wavelengths of the light source and then acquire the high quality venous images of different people.Finally,a non-contact palm vein recognition system is designed and studied.Based on the roulette wheel algorithm in genetic algorithm,multi-spectral adaptive multi-band light source can be adaptively adjusted to acquire high-quality palm vein images efficiently and rapidly.A large number of experiments verify the system's stability,security,and fast,to meet the high security needs of different occasions,system optimization and optimization,can achieve all-round network requirements.
Keywords/Search Tags:palm vein recognition, roulette wheel, multi-spectral, adaptive
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