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Semantic Management Of Provenance Data Of Scientific Journals Based On Life Cycle Model

Posted on:2018-09-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L KouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330521450222Subject:Information Science
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Provenance data is metadata that describes the derived cues among different data.It is important in assessing data quality and reliability.In a distributed network environment,data can be grouped into raw data and the derived data.With the expansion and sharing of these derived digital objects,some puzzle problems will arise: "Where does this object come from?","Who uses this object?","What is the purpose of it?",these questions can be collectively referred as the problem of the provenance.How to effectively organize and manage the provenance data is a question worthy of study.The International Provenance Working Group has published the provenance standard and application practice,which form the perfect provenance specification.Application research of the provenance data is necessary in china at present.Scientific journals contain research backgrounds in specific areas,experimental data and methods,and research questions.Due to the lack of effective means of evaluating the quality of the scientific journals,it is difficult for the reader to distinguish the quality level of the contents of the scientific journals.Reusing data and finding knowledge based on existing literature is also a difficult issue.In addition,the single article in scientific journals is easy to form data island due to the lack of knowledge clues,which is not conducive to knowledge aggregation.The provenance data of scientific journals refer to the historical clue of scientific journals,including the meta-data and meta-data relations which are generated during the process of creating,publishing and utilizing.The provenance data plays an important role in the scientific journals.It can help to judge the quality of the scientific journals,and realize the effective integration of the research process,researchers,data and knowledge.In this thesis,we study the semantic management of the provenance data of scientific journals based on the data life cycle model.The research mainly focuses on the following aspects:(1)Analyzing the basic theory of provenance data from three aspects: provenance description,provenance management and the provenance data of scientific journals,which provides the theoretical basis for the organization,management and utilization of provenance data.(2)Summarizing the current life cycle models,including the concept of life cycle management,common life cycle model.Through the summary of each model,the life cycle model of the provenance data of scientific journals is formed.(3)Building the semantic management framework of the provenance data of scientific journals,including provenance acquisition,provenance description,provenance storage,provenance publishing,provenance query and provenance utilization based on the data life cycle model of the provenance of scientific journals.(4)Designing the experiment of the provenance of scientific journals,taking 30 papers in Shanxi Library Journal as the experiment objects and using Protégé tool to create the research paper ontology,then,analyzing the provenance data of the selected experiment objects through different stages of research papers,such as creation stage,review stage and publication stage.Through the analysis of the semantic management framework of the provenance data of the scientific journals,it will help to understand the provenance data from the global perspective,and establish the semantic relation among the knowledge units in the research paper at the micro level,which provides references for semantic publishing of scientific journals.
Keywords/Search Tags:Provenance, Scientific Journals, Life-cycle Model, Semantic Publishing
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