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Diode-pumped Yb:LuAG Ceramic Femtosecond Lasers

Posted on:2018-10-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330521450042Subject:Optical Engineering
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All-solid-state lasers with a directly diode-pumped scheme have many applications in scientific research,industry,military,human engineering,medical treatment and so on due to its small volume,low cost,high efficiency,simple operation and easy maintenance.In recent years,Yb-doped materials have been widely used in all-solid-state lasers as gain media for generating near-infrared laser.Because they have many advantages,such as simple production process,capability of large-size fabrication,low cost,excellent optical performance and so on.The birth of laser transparent ceramic,has been extensively studied for solid state lasers.The research contents of this thesis can be divided into two parts,one is to study the Yb:LuAG ceramic solid state lasers,including the continues wave,SESAM mode-locking and kerr-lens mode locking;the other is to study the absorption efficiency of gain media on pumping laser,and design experiment to verify the difference with laser operation or not.The main contents and innovations of this paper are summarized as follows:The study on the continuous laser operation,wavelength tuning performance,SESAM mode-locked performance and Kerr-lens mode-locked performance of Yb:LuAG ceramic with different doping concentration,different dimensions and different structures is conducted in this thesis.The Yb:LuAG ceramic has two types:bulk structure and sandwich structure.The length of the bulk structure is 2.7 mm and 1.8 mm,and the length of the sandwich structure is 1.8 mm with actual doped region of 500?m by two placing ways:normal way and sandwich way.Obtain a maximum power of 1.922 W,the corresponding tuning range is 66 nm from 1030 to 1096 nm by using the bulk structure Yb:LuAG ceramic(15 at.%,4󫶖.7 mm~3).A passively mode-locked Yb:LuAG ceramic(15 at.%,4󫶖.7mm~3)laser was accomplished.The pulse duration,spectrum width and the average output power of the mode-locked laser were 933 fs,1.8 nm and 532 mW.What is more,we demonstrate a stable Kerr-lens mode-locked Yb:LuAG ceramic(15 at.%,4󫶖.7 mm~3)oscillator.The pulse duration,spectrum width,central wavelength,and repetition rate of the stable Kerr-lens mode-locked laser pulses were 98 fs,14.1 nm,1053 nm and 115 MHz,respectively.We developed a YAG/15 at%Yb:LuAG/YAG transparent ceramic planar waveguide laser and the maximum output power of 288 mW at the wavelength of 1030.7nm.The study on the absorption efficiency of gain media on pumping laser is conducted in this thesis.Whether the laser operation is on or not,the absorption efficiency of gain media on pumping laser is completely different by theoretical analysis.We design the experiment,use Yb:LuAG ceramic samples to measure and obtain three characteristics:1,when the laser is on,the absorption efficiency of gain media on pumping laser is more than the case of no laser operation;2,When there is not laser operation,the lower the doping concentration of the gain media,the more obvious the absorption saturation;3,In the laser operation state,there is the same the absorption efficiency for the same doping concentration of the gain media on different OC.
Keywords/Search Tags:Laser Diode, Yb:LuAG ceramic, semiconductor saturable absorber mirror(SESAM), Kerr-lens mode-locking, true absorption rate, all-solid-state laser
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