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Path Planning Of Silo Cleaning Robot Manipulator Base On Obstacle Avoidance Space

Posted on:2018-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330518968531Subject:Control Science and Engineering
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In the process of long-term storage of grain,there is a problem of large block of crops on the sidewall.As a result,manual cleaning has great harm to human health,so it is urgent to introduce silo cleaning robot.In the silo,due to the presence of temperature sensors and other equipment,an increase of the difficulty of robot cleaning work.In order to avoid the interference between the robot and the device at work,the path planning problem of the manipulator has become an important research problem.Path planning is an important part of motion control for the silo cleaning robot.The problems need to be solved for the path planning which includes: an environment model is established for the environment information of the mobile robot,an algorithm is used to find a collision-free optimization path from the initial state to the target,and the information of the robot is guided by all the known information.In this thesis,in order to solve the path planning problem of the silo cleaning robot,the obstacle avoidance model is proposed.Furthermore,the corresponding planning algorithm is used to solve the problem of path planning in the obstacle avoidance.In this thesis,the mechanism and the motion principle of the silo cleaning robot are introduced.The kinematics modeling of the manipulator is carried out in the MATLAB Robotics Toolbox.Secondly,the spatial model of workspace and obstacle is established by Monte Carlo method based on point cloud.The geometrical relationship between workspace and obstacle is described by computer graphics method based on the ray and intersection theory to build a two-dimensional and three-dimensional obstacle avoiding planning workspace.Then,the improved Dijkstra algorithm is used to plan the shortest path of the three-degree-of-freedom manipulator in the two-dimensional obstacle avoiding planning workspace.Based on this basis,the two-dimensional plane robot obstacle avoidance planning is extended to the 3D obstacle avoiding planning workspace.In view of the defects of RRT algorithm which the extended tree is evenly distributed and the pathquality is poor,the window RRT algorithm is proposed to overcome such problems.Finally,the planning path is simulated and analyzed in detail.Based on engineering practice,the concept and modeling method of obstacle avoiding planning workspace is proposed.It is possible to construct the simulation platform by MATLAB,which can quickly and effectively solve the influence of obstacle on the workspace of the manipulator and facilitate path planning of the manipulator.By analyzing the path simulation results in the obstacle avoiding planning workspace,the manipulator can move from the starting point to the end point in the case of ensuring good attitude,which proves the validity of the path planning algorithm.The results of this thesis will provide a new solution for the avoidance path planning of multi-degree-of-freedom manipulator.
Keywords/Search Tags:Monte Carlo, path planning, Obstacle Avoiding Planning Workspace, Dijkstra algorithm, window RRT
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