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Iron Ore Evaluation And Matching System Design In Iron And Steel

Posted on:2018-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Q ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330518484081Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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Iron ore evaluation and matching work is a very important work of iron and steel enterprises,the correct iron ore evaluation and matching is the blast furnace to obtain the greatest economic benefits.At present,iron ore resources nervous,there are many types of iron ore,in this case,it is necessary to conduct a variety of ore performance evaluation and matching.Choose to use those who can bring good benefits to the iron and steel enterprises of ore,which is reasonable for the layout of the charge and reasonable sintering raw materials layout conditions.In particular,the current use of iron ore in the blast furnace less and less,so be sure to choose from the ore,sintering ingredients calculated to blast furnace smelting for a complete evaluation.Through the analysis of iron ore evaluation and matching work,we can divide this work into several aspects,database management module,iron ore evaluation module(simple type and scientific type),sintering ore distribution module,blast furnace batching module Several parts.This iron and steel enterprise iron ore evaluation and matching system is designed for a steel enterprise to develop a complete iron ore evaluation and matching system,combined with a steel enterprise iron production before the actual parameters,through this iron ore evaluation and matching system can quickly,quantitatively and rationally make a comprehensive evaluation of different iron ore,and then iron ore matching,directly give the best purchase price,and then iron ore matching,to reduce the cost of iron,improve production efficiency,strengthen the original fuel management to provide technical support and basis.The system based on.NET development platform development,using C #development language to write,the background database using SQL Server 2008,to meet a steel enterprise historical data storage and analysis needs.In this system implementation part,mainly introduced the system log in,the administrator set,the main function and so on the concrete realization process.Through the test of the system,the results show that the basic realization of the initial target,in line with our design requirements.The system in the design and development process,through thesystem requirements analysis,learning related theoretical knowledge,design database and code function to complete the steps to achieve a steel enterprise iron ore evaluation and matching requirements,with strong practical value.
Keywords/Search, C #, SQL Server 2008, Iron ore evaluation, cost calculation
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