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Output Performances Of The Ho:YAG/BaWO4 Raman Laser

Posted on:2017-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, 2?m solid-state lasers have been extensively studied by scholars due to its all solid state, compact structure, high conversion efficiency and eye-safe output wave length range. At the same time,the technology of obtaining 2?m laser with LD pumping rare earth ions doped crystal is improved. On this basis, using the Raman frequency shift in the stimulated Raman scattering?SRS? to extend laser spectrum near 2?m band has become a new research direction which has a lot of value.In this paper, we use the Ho:YAG crystal as 2?m laser medium, BaWO4 crystal as the Raman medium to build solid Raman lasers and study its output characteristics. First, we get a continuous 2?m laser output with a 1908nm Tm:YLF pumping source. Then, after optimizing the continuous laser output we put the actively Q-switched crystal in the resonant cavity turning the continuous laser into pulse laser which has a higher peak power. At last,by adjusting the repetition frequency we use the pulse laser pumping BaWO4 crystal in a coupled cavity to perform stimulated Raman scattering experiment. The average output power, pulse width and single pulse energy of Raman laser has been measured and we optimize the output of Raman laser by changing the parameters of the resonator.The central wavelength of Ramen laser measured in the experiment is 2640nm. The Raman shift frequency is 921 cm-1 compared with the 2?m fundamental laser. When the resonator length is at 170mm and the curvature of output mirror is -200mm, we set the repetition rate at 5kHz and get a maximum average output power of 470mW, narrowest pulse width of 7.32ns and maximum single pulse energy of 105?J. The maximum light to light conversion efficiency and slope efficiency is 4.9% and 13.6% respectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ho, YAG crystal, BaWO4 crystal, stimulated Raman scattering, Raman shifter
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