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A Study On Modelinsg Simulation And Inhibition Strategy Of Rumor Spreading On Social Network

Posted on:2018-11-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330515493041Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With Internet technology development and network scale expansion,information dissemination on social networks shows some new features,such as strong interactivity,fast dissemination,strong virtuality,which emerge large volumes of fake messages.Fabricating and spreading rumors on the Internet is becoming an increasing normalization of public opinion,and rumors are magnified on social network,which produce a great negative impact on social life.If rumors are unchecked and lack of control on the Internet and social networks,it may lead to people anxiety and,social unrest.Compared with current rumors are increasing on social networks and it is urgent to punish rumor-monger by government,academic research on rumor and its constraint strategies are obviously insufficient.Therefore,In order to describe rumor spreading pattern on online social networks,and reveal rumor spreading rules and characteristics this paper models rumor spreading rules and,simulates different parameters in rumors spreading model,then puts forward rumor constraint strategies,and empirically evaluates rumor spreading efficiency.Monitoring the development of real-time dynamic of rumors and the probably consequences of the rumor spread.Solve these problems can not only improve the rumor spread mechanism and rumor efficiency research,but also control the spread of rumors effectively and reduce economic losses and social harm of the rumor spread,it is of great theoretical and practical significance.The innovative work carried out in this paper is as follows:1.This paper is based on the classical rumor spread model and established an improved rumor spreading model by adding counter-rumor people,namely SIOR model.Contrast the simulation of classical SIR model and the improved SIOR model,shows that the improved model can better simulate the rumor spreading process.2.This paper also focus on evaluation of the rumor spread efficiency and its weight.Based on the previous study on the evaluation index system of rumor spreading efficiency,established the evaluation index system and quantified according to the individual,enterprises and government respectively.The established evaluation index system ensured the rationality and consistency check.The main conclusions of the study is as follows:1.The improved rumor spreading model SIOR has a certain inhibitory effect on the scale and time of the rumor spreading,in addition,this paper analyzed the various parameters of rumor process,known that the influence of various parameters on various types of crowd density inthe rumor spreading process,and with the results of the analysis put forward some suppress rumor spreading strategies from the various parameters.2.Respectively,from the individual,institutional and government selected three different cases,analyzed the rumor spreading efficiency,known that the influence degree of rumor spreading cases.Finally,put forward some rumor suppression strategies from the case analysis results.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social network, rumor spreading, SIOR model, evaluation of rumor spreading efficiency, strategy of suppressing rumor
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