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Design And Implementation Of Security Trade System Of Securities Company Based On Main Memory Database

Posted on:2018-08-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Securities trading system is the support system of securities companies,the quality of trading system is the key factor to the success or failure of moder n securities companies.Different business,different needs,different direction of development needs to support the trading system,a good trading system to i mprove the efficiency of the trading system to respond to business,reducing th e risk of trading system operation and maintenance is very important.Research on the order system of securities companies can bring many benefits to securi ties companies.The securities company stock trading system is mainly a client,f und management,parameter management,query and reporting and other functio ns of customer orders in a software,is the core of the client data is loaded in to the memory database,the use of live technology to realize the system of m ulti center deployment,provides high availability trading platform for securities company clients.This paper is concerned with the realization of the system foreground usin g VS 2010 development,the background database using the memory database(fastDB)and the disk database SQL Server 2008.Based on the basic principle of memory database is used to order the system of securities companies in or der to practice,through the data loading to the memory database,time-consumi ng I/O trading system to reduce customer trust,to achieve multi center order s ystem deployment using live architecture and technology,improve the efficienc y and safety of the system,so as to better improve the system the quality of service,to attract high-quality customers trading.In this paper,the design and implementation of the securities company order system in function and centrali zed trading system is compared to the present,not only greatly improve the cl ient speed,but also can realize the real-time thermal system,guarantee the stab le operation of the system.Stock trading system system can improve the overall efficiency of the company's trading system,enhance customer loyalty,rapid res ponse to the business sector's new business,new needs for business developme nt and innovation to do technical support.The design of this paper is based o n the actual demand of the securities trading system.At present,the system ha s entered the initial stage of implementation of securities companies?...
Keywords/Search Tags:securities company, Stock trading system, Memory database, Multi live architecture, Micro Architecture
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