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Inside Keyword Guessing Attack Resistant Public Key Encryption With Keyword Search

Posted on:2017-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H B LiFull Text:PDF
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In traditional cryptography, the encrypting key and decrypting key are the same, which makes it hard to distribute keys and sign digital signatures for ciphers. The public key cryptography solves these problems promotes the research of public key encryption with keyword search. In public key encryption with keyword search system, users encrypt keywords extracted from the plaintext and search the ciphers of keywords. The research of public key encryption with keyword search has branches involving user control, fuzzy search, flexible search, and privacy protection of keywords. This paper focuses on the privacy protection of keywords. The mainstream method of causing leakage of keywords privacy is keyword guessing attack. It traverses the keyword field and encrypts every keyword until it finds the keyword matches the trapdoor supplied by users.In public key encryption with keyword search, abbreviated as PEKS, system an inside adversary has the ability to steal keywords with the method of keyword guessing attack. These keywords reveal users' privacy and search pattern. Resisting insider keyword guessing attack on PEKS scheme is a hard problem. We have consulted a large amount of references related to PEKS and researched keyword guessing attack resistant PEKS system. Our study contains the research of security model, scheme, and security analysis of insider keyword guessing attack resistant PEKS. We firstly define the security model of insider keyword guessing attack resistant PEKS and propose the first PEKS schemes following this security model without certificate authority. We prove the security of our scheme and analyze the efficiency of it. We compare other PEKS schemes with it and conclude that our scheme resists the insider keyword guessing attack and has high running efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:keyword search encryption, keyword guessing attack, trapdoor, inside adversary, server
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