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Provenance-based Access Control Using Semantic Web Technologies

Posted on:2017-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T T MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330503481181Subject:Communication and Information System
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Provenance describes how a data object came to the current state of the data. In recent years,provenance has been widely researched in many areas, especially in the field of healthcare, intelligence,E-science,legal and industry and so no. However, provenance may contain sensitive information, such as agents identities, time information, and relations between,entities process and agents.Complete provenance information may release confidential information and raise security concerns.Due to the sensitive information may be divulged in the provenance structure, thus the main challenge of protecting the origin information, depends on the directed graph structure, this structure captures the history of the data object information and the dependencies between them.In addition, the current security strategies such as access control, and graph transformation policy, in view of the special structure of origin figure, provides security access to the provenance information. In this paper, by using semantic web technology to improve the access control policy and applying the graph transformation policy to the provenance structure to improve the efficiency of provenance access control.Therefore, the main works of this thesis are as follows:First, this paper introduces the open provenance model(OPM), expounds the time annotation of the model,and this paper presents a case study of the provenance ueder the medical environment using OPM model;Second, this paper improves the current suitable for the provenance access control policy language,thus we introduce the regular expression into the access control language, enrich the access control function of language, by using the semantic web technology to further improve the query efficiency of access control;Finally, this paper researches the graph transformation technology, and applies it to the OPM to describe the case of the provenance, so that we can circumvent the sensitive parts of the provenance graph;Using the graph transformation algorithm to optimize the graph of provenance to decrease the number of nodes, ensure the maximum limit to share the provenance information, and improve the efficiency of access control.
Keywords/Search Tags:access control, provenance security, semantic web, graph transformation
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