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Based On Structured Of Design And Implementation Of Information Resource Sharing System Of Campus

Posted on:2017-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Management informatization refers to the using of modern information technology,computer Science and internet technology in management,so as to organize,process,analysis and utilize the data and information resources in the organization effectively and promote the management efficiency remarkably.In practice,the main task of the campus information management system is to digitize,organize and structure the data and information generated in the daily management.In this way,modern computer technology and Internet Technology are efficiently used in the whole management process,and the users can conveniently look up,append,renew,process and analysis the data in real-time,and control the management process more efficiently.In this thesis,we design and development a campus information management system based on structured programming idea.In order to get the users' demand,we first investigate and analysis the business process of the campus management.According to the users' demand,we designed five module for our system,namely,the basic information management module,the resource sharing management module,the document management module,the message leaving and the class assessment module.Then we finished an optimized the block diagram of the system according to the users' real demand and the data stream line.In the next section,we analysis and design the functional structure of each module of the system according to the business process of the system and the users' demand,and design the data stream line according to the functional structure.Then we design the second layer data dream in each module according to the top-down principle.Finally,we get set of entities and their attributes,and the relations between the entities.In the last section,we present the tables of the system design by analyzing the relations between entities,design and develop the database by programing.Based on the detailed analysis of the business process of the system,this paper makes a detailed analysis of system requirements,database design,detailed design,system implementation,etc.The system is introduced in detail in the development of a practical system.
Keywords/Search Tags:structural analysis, resource sharing management, information system, management information
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