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The Characteristic Research On Q-switched Er:YAG Solid-state Laser At 1.6?m

Posted on:2016-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330473966407Subject:Electronic Science and Technology
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Compared with other wavelength lasers,1.6 um lasers have important applications and remarkable prospects in a wide range of fields, such as lidar, ranging and free space communication. This benefits from its excellent properties locating in the "eye safe" wavebands and possessing highly atmospheric transmittance for the particular lasers. What's more,3-5 ?m mid-infrared lasers can be generated by 1.6 ?m lasers using non-linear frequency conversion technology. So how to obtain 1.6?m plused lasers of narrow width, highly conversion efficiency, good beam quality becomes a hot topic at home and abroad recently. Among numerous solutions to produce 1.6 ?m lasers, using the laser diode resonantly pumped Er:YAG solid-state laser is one of the most ideal technology.In order to meet the more strict requirements of higher peak power and narrower pluse width for some specific applications, Q-switched technology which is the important breakthrough in the lasers history emerged. Based on passively and actively Q-swithed technology, the experimental part of the thesis achieves the 1645 nm Er:YAG pulsed laser employing an 1532 nm laser diode as the pump source.Firstly, we have researched the graphene saturable absorber based passively Q-switched Er:YAG laser. As a new type of two-dimensional material, graphene exhibits much superiority compared with other saturable absorber, that is broad-band absorption, high damage threshold, ultra high performance recovery time and low saturation intensity. In the experiment, the single-layer graphene deposited on a quartz plate is inserted into resonator to act as the saturable absorber. Under the maxium incident pump power of 20.8 W, we realized the large-energy, narrow-bandwidth 1645 plused laser with the pulse energy and bandwidth of 13.5 ?J and 0.13 nm. To the best of our knowledge, the pulse energy is nearly twice of that reported in previous work based on graphene passively Q-switched Er:YAG laser.Then, adopting voltage ON type RTP Q-switcher, we have researched the actively Q-switched Er:YAG laser. When the repetition rate is 1 kHz, the pulse width and pulse energy is 170 ns and 2.23 mJ under the incident pump power of 21.6 W.
Keywords/Search Tags:Er:YAG laser, Graphene, RTP, Passively Q-switched, Actively Q-switched
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