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The Experimental Research Of Minitype CO2 Differential Absorption Lidar System

Posted on:2017-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z B LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330509456749Subject:Physical Electronics
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In recent years, with the air pollution becoming more serious, the requirement of air pollution monitoring technology is also higher and higher. Traditional chemical methods of air pollution monitoring cannot meet these day`s needs now, and the using of CO2 differential absorption laser radar system for air pollution monitoring has becoming an important means of atmospheric pollutant monitoring in present stage.In this paper, combining with the development of CO2 differential absorption lidar, a set of small differential absorption lidar system which can used in a motoring situation has been designed and be tested in the field.The subject first design and develop a small type CO2 laser which has double chambers to be the light source of the lidar system. The way of laser`s achieving the rapid tuning is using servo motor driving the grating,which can obtain 81 lines.The energy of the strong lines can be 500 mJ, and the energy of weak lines can be 40 mJ. The tuned output of two random wavelength spectral lines can be obtained within 50 ms by a single laser and within any microseconds. And complete the assembling and the joint debugging of the laser and launch system(transmission type transmitting antenna, energy monitoring system and the servo system) and the receiving system(tape receiving antenna, and the HgCdTe detector).The test in field mainly test the lidar`s ability of detecting different distance and a qualitative measurement of the ability of detecting different Concentration to the integral of the distance(CL). The experiment of detecting different distance using the line of 10P(24) and can receive effective signals in 3.7km. The qualitative measurement of the ability of detecting different CL use TEP to be the simulation agent and the results shows the system can distinguish different CL of TEP.
Keywords/Search Tags:differential absorption lidar, TEA CO2 laser, concentration to the integral of the distance
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