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Design And Implementation Of Fast Security Trading System Based On Service-Oriented Architecture

Posted on:2016-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330482451627Subject:Software engineering
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Securities investment has become an important channel for people to preserve and increase the value of assets, which also put forward higher requirements for the securities trading system. In order to adapt to the rapid development of the securities business, provide a full range of services to customers, combined with the current research status of securities trading system, due to the shortage of existing securities trading system, research and development of this subject, developing a set of fast-oriented securities trading system based on service oriented architecture, in order to better support the continuous development of securities innovation and improve the existing securities trading system.In order to achieve the above goals, this thesis draws on the domestic and foreign related research results. First of all, the business needs of the securities business analysis, determine the essential functions of the system, including the principal transactions, query, fund management, financial management, system management and other modules. Secondly, build system architecture based on SOA, the demand for further refinement, using ASP.NET development model,by encoding, detailed function module realization system. Finally, by setting up the test environment, the functional testing of each functional module has been formed, and a complete set of securities trading system has been formed.In this thesis, the main works of the author are as follows:(1)The research background of this paper and the research status of the securities trading system and related fields at home and abroad are described in this paper.(2)Through the analysis of the existing communication system with industry application software and with the needs of the business department,determine the background role of the system,at the same time to determine the system modules.(3)According to the results of the needs analysis,for the formal description of all of the modules use case diagram and use case constraints in UML.(4)For each module,analyze its data flow and business process,writing code,realize the system’s important module, and design test case, the function module of the system has been tested.This thesis uses computer technology and software engineering method,design and implement a set of service oriented fast securities transaction management system,because this system is based on WEB operation mode,which greatly facilitates the user investment.
Keywords/Search Tags:service oriented, securities trading system, components, architecture
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