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Investigation On Optical-controllable Experiment Of Microfiber Knot Resonator Based On Graphene

Posted on:2016-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330479989151Subject:Optical Engineering
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The microfiber knot resonator is a kind of resonator structure made by micro-nano optical fiber. It has some advantages, such as, small size, easy to make and good resonance effect. The graphene is a single atomic layer structure of the carbon crystal materials. It has stable structure, good elasticity, good stability and unique optical, electrical properties. The microfiber knot resonator and the graphene are popular research topic in the research of device. In the paper, we make microfiber knot resonators and coat the microfiber knot resonator with graphene. Then we explore the optical properties of the microfiber knot resonator based on graphene.In the paper, we make micro-nano optical fiber by the quadratic cone pull production. By the method, it is easy to get uniform, low-loss micro-nano optical fiber.By the manual knotting and three-dimensional translation units’ adjusting, we can make use of microfiber into the microfiber knot resonator with required size. Then we test the stability of the microfiber knot resonator when it is dangling and using the Mg F2 slides. The result shows that the spectrum is more stable and has good resonance effect when we use the substrate. Then we cover the microfiber knot resonator with graphene and use purple light irradiating on the coating area. We have adopted two ways using graphene. One way is making the microfiber knot resonator perpendicular to the Mg F2 substrate. When the power of the purple light increases, the whole spectrum doesn’t have obvious translation and the quality factor presents a trend of increasing. Another way is making the microfiber knot resonator lying on the Mg F2 substrate. When the power of the pump light increases, there is a marked red shift of the spectrum and the biggest wavelength shift can reach 0.65 nm In certain wavelength, the output power of the microfiber knot resonator has a very strong loss.The power is lower than-85 d Bm.The innovation points of the research lie in:1. We have used two ways to realize the graphene’s coating on the microfiber knot resonator.2. We have used purple light as the pump light outside and explored the optical properties of microfiber knot resonator coated with graphene.
Keywords/Search Tags:micro-nano optical fiber, microfiber knot resonator, graphene, light wavelength tuning, purple light, pump light outside
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