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Numerical And Experimental Study Of Nd:YAG Slab Laser Based On Flash Lamp Pumped

Posted on:2015-09-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B B XiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330452955946Subject:Physical Electronics
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With the advantages of compact structure and flexible mode operation, solid-state lasershave wide prospects in laser applications. In conventional solid-state lasers, the profile of thegain medium are almost rod, and there exists a large temperature difference between theinner and outer of the crystal due to the interaction of pumping source and cooling systemduring the lasing process. The thermal effect in laser can affect the quality of the outputbeam and limit the power of the laser. In order to solve this problem, the idea of Slab Laseris proposed to reduce the thermal effect and improve the beam quality. This thesis focuses onthe numerical and experimental study of the slab laser pumped by flash lamp, and thecontent in detail are as follow:(1) The causes of thermal effect in slab laser pumped by flash lamp are given, and thedistributions of the thermal and thermal stress are both given. Meanwhile, the theoreticalmodel of thermal equilibrium in the crystal has been established by this. The thermal focuslength in the slab laser is measured by experiment;(2) According the M2factor which evaluates the propagation characteristics of theoutput beam, several different styles of resonators were compared. The results showed thatthe laser based on conventional Fabry-Perot resonator can obtain higher output power, aswell as better beam quality. And the slab laser was established experimentally;(3) The output power and beam quality of the slab laser were measured in experiment.The results show that in the highest pumping power the M2factors in two directions of theslab crystal are different for the reason of the thermal lensing effect. And the M2factors intwo directions of the slab are almost the same under the pumping power of9kW;(4) The slab laser was used to cut steel plate. The experimental results showed thecutting slits in two directions are the same, and both less than0.3mm.
Keywords/Search Tags:flash lamp pump, slab laser, beam quality, beam expand, laser cutting
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