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Research Of Multi-Tenant Architecture Of Multimedia Conference System

Posted on:2015-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S F WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330467462208Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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With the rapid development of Internet technology and mobile communication technology, the complex applications represented by multimedia conference system, which converge the voice, video, text, image and other media are becoming the trend of network applications development. As the multimedia technology maturing and the type of services increasing, the demand of customizing personalized services becomes more and more urgent. However, the traditional multimedia conference systems can only meet users’personalized needs by developing new application, which greatly increases the cost. Multi-tenant technology come into people’s eyes with the development of cloud computing. It’s famous for cost efficiency, service customization. It can effectively solve the problems that the current multimedia conference system facing. This thesis proposes a multi-tenant design program for multimedia conference system. We research specific implementations from multiple levels. The main work is as follows:Firstly, in the Web front-end, in order to render the tenant personalized customized content, we define a variety of interface. The system generates the corresponding service interface according to tenants’ customized metadata.Then we complete the business logic implementation. We design a custom two-stage strategy to respond to tenants’request of dynamic customizing services more flexibly. The first stage of the strategy completes the initialization of dependencies between tenants’custom metadata and service, which determines the metadata tenant personalized interface and generates a tenant permission list that provides the customized conference services. The second level customization is performed when the tenants create a meeting. The system provides a unique interface for user to take the action according to the permission list generated in the first stage. And last the system dynamically generates the final service instances with the combination of the two levels of system customization information.The customization of conference service and the support of custom content are depend on the underlying data model. In this thesis we combine the metadata-driven approach and name-value pair data stored method to achieve the extension of self-defining data. In order to protect the safety of tenants’data, we add the tenant ID attribute in each table and use some access control policy to achieve the isolation of tenants’ data.Finally, we deploye the multimedia conference system using the way of multiple instances to the cloud computing platform and then conduct tests to verify the correctness and feasibility of the system. The results show that the multi-tenant design in this thesis effectively solves the problem the multimedia conference system facing. And it provides a certain reference for other multi-tenant system’s design scheme.
Keywords/Search Tags:multimedia conference system, cloud computing, multi-tenant SaaS
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