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Numerical Simulation And Analysis Of Based On The Metal Wire Filled Photonic Crystal Fiber Devices

Posted on:2015-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J XinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330422470998Subject:Condensed matter physics
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Compared with the conventional fibers, it’s flexibility to design the structure of thePCFs and we can obtain a number of excellent features and realize more widely uses notonly by adjusting the parameters of its own structure but also by doping other mediums.The metal wire filled PCF not only has the excellent characteristics of the traditional PCFsbut also has the unique properties of metallic surface plasmon resonance. Therefore, themetal filled PCFs are experiencing a broad application prospects in the fields of opticalfiber sensing and polarization filtering. In this article, we designed the photonic crystalfiber sensor and filter based on wire-filled. The finite element method is used for theanalysis and optimize of the structure of the PCF. The main contents are as follows:Firstly, we have systematically reviewed the properties, theoretical research methodsand preparation techniques of the PCF, and the development situation of the metal filledPCF which is based on the surface plasmon resonance effect.Secondly, from the optical waveguide theory of the Maxwell’s equations and thesurface plasmon resonance theory, we have analyzed the basic principle of metal-filledPCF. Also, we have introduced the implementation process of using FEM methods tonumerical simulate the metal-filled PCF in detail. And the methods of how to fill theliquids into the PCF are also being discussed.Thirdly, metal wire filled photonic crystal fiber sensor with liquid-core is designed.The index range of the refractive index of the liquid which be measured is1.455-1.485.The value of R-Square after the linear fit of the loss peak is0.99966and the value ofaverage refractive index sensitivity is-4125nm/RIU. The sensor is expected tosimultaneously achieve high linearity and sensitivity.Finally, we have designed a metal filled polarization filter based on HB-PCF. Thebasic characteristics of optical fiber transmission are analyzed. By adjusting theparameters of the structure of the PCF, it works well at the communication wavebands ofboth1310nm and1550nm.
Keywords/Search Tags:photonic crystal fiber, Surface plasmon resonance, sensors, filter, finiteelement method
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