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The Research Of Ho-doped Fiuoride-based Plused Fiber Laser

Posted on:2014-10-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330401465804Subject:Optical Engineering
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In recent years, with the development of laser techniques, pluse lasers operating inthe mid-infrared region of2μm and3μm have attracted significant attentions because oftheir wide potential applications in scientific research, civilian and military. Especially,considering its advantages of low threshold, high efficiency, good heat dissipation,excellent flexibility, compactness, high quality beam and easy intergration, fiber laserhas emerged from various types of lasers and come to be research focus.In this dissertation, based on cascade Ho3+-doped ZBLAN fiber laser, the relevantrate equations and power evolution equations were established and then thecorresponding efforts on theoretical analysis and optimization were deployed.Subsequently, the experiments on Q-switched cascade Ho3+-doped ZBLAN fiber laserand mode-locked Ho3+,Pr3+co-doped ZBLAN fiber laser were demonstrated. The maincontents can be divided into the following three parts:1. The energy level and spectral properties of cascade Ho3+-and Er3+-dopedZBLAN fibers were studied respectively, the numerical models of cascade Ho3+-andEr3+-doped ZBLAN fiber lasers were established, afterwards the output characteristicsof these fiber lasers were analyzed at different pump powers, fiber lengths and outputcouplers. Comparing the different dopant fiber lasers, it was concluded that the cascadeHo3+-doped ZBLAN fiber laser owned dominant advantages in slope efficiency, outputwavelength and power as well as heat management.2. Using acousto-optical modulation(AOM) device, the dual wavelengthQ-switching and Q-switched induced gain switching cascade Ho3+-doped ZBLANfiber lasers were realized, stable dual wavelength pluses at2μm and3μm can beobtained simultaneously. The output characteristics and formation mechanism ofpluses of these fiber lasers were analyzed.3. Based on the semiconductor saturable absorber(SESAM), the mode-lockingHo3+,Pr3+co-doped ZBLAN fiber laser was demonstated. Continuous-wave,Q-switching, Q-switched mode-locking, CW mode-locking and mode-lockingdisappearance regimes were observed with the increasing pump power. Comparatively stable2.87-μm mode-locking pluses can be achieved at a repetition rate of27.1MHzwith pulse width of24ps. The output characteristics of mode-locking pluses wasinvestigated.
Keywords/Search Tags:cascade fiber laser, Holmium doped ZBLAN fiber, Q-switched fiber laser, Mode-locked fiber laser
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